Diabetes And Sunlight

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Sunlight Exposure Could Fight Type 2 Diabetes

Home News Sunlight exposure could fight type 2 diabetes Sunlight exposure could fight type 2 diabetes Posted on October 23, 2014 by DiabetesDigest.com Staff in News Research finds that weight gain and the development of type 2 diabetes could be slowed down due to sunshine exposure. Scientists from Southampton, Edinburgh and Australia found that overfed mice ate less when ultraviolet (UV) light was shone on them. This UV treatment resulted in the mice displaying fewer warning signs of type 2 diabetes, such as abnormal and glucose levels. Nitric Oxide, a natural gas which is released by the skin after exposure to sunlight, was linked to the UV treatment, which can help people control their metabolism and slow weight gain. The same effect of the UV light was found when a cream containing nitric oxide was applied to the skin of the mice. The researchers added that vitamin D, which is produced by the body in response to sunlight, did not appear to play a role in the results. However, they also acknowledged that their results should be interpreted with caution. Mice are nocturnal animals, covered with fur, and generally not exposed to much sunlight. These findings have been met with opt Continue reading >>

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  1. tfuller

    does diabetes cause you to be hot all the time?

    im in upstate ny and its down in the teens and single digits.the cold never bothers me,i have worn a jacket in 15 years.it feels comfortable to me in the cold,when i sit inside and its around 60+ it feels hot to me and a sweat.i cant even sleep at night n the winter without a fan blowing on me and the heat off and im still hot.and my heat beats like a rabbit once i lay down.i checked i and my bp is normal but pulse is around 140.
    is this normal???summer time is the worst,i sit inside with a huge a/c and if i go outside within 15 minutes im sick to my stomach and the sweat pour right off me badly

  2. St Albert

    PLEASE,can someone help my daughter. She has been going through testing for the last two years for the suspicion of Crohn's with no luck so far. The dr. has no idea why she is always BOILING HOT!! She had to get a note from her dr. to wear shorts and a tank top to work. She's trying her best to work part time, but as she's in the bathroom 5-7 times per day, her boss is ready to fire her. Now, she has to look into disability, at 20 years old. She sure has suffered. Can ANYONE PLEASE offer any advice what so ever. Thank-you. Sincerely, Julie Jensen

  3. purplemoon72

    is anyone still oin this thread? I'm burning up all the time. Would love to hear more input.

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