Diabetes And Government Jobs

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In these times of tight job markets and high health care costs people frequently look to the Federal Government for jobs and health benefits. Unfortunately not all parts of the Federal Government welcome people with diabetes. Some do not hire and some will not retrain people with diabetes. The health insurance programs have no limit on coverage for pre-existing conditions and most options have a limit for out-of-pocket catastrophic costs in one year. By definition the health plans available to Federal Employees cannot ever be considered gold-plated programs that would be taxed under the new health care insurance reform law. The Federal Rehabilitation Act implements the Americans with Disabilities Act for Federal Employees. So there are many protections in place for people with disabilities for hiring and retention processes. However, in some situations, for some disabilities, including diabetes, the federal government has decided that people with disabilities cannot be accommodated. Civil Service.For most Civil Service positions the Federal Government has plans for actively recruiting people with disabilities. People with disabilities, including diabetes, are recruited and provide Continue reading >>

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    Should I mention type 1 diabetes on job application

    This morning I Putin an application for a new job. One of the questions was if I have any disabilities. They did not ask about health issues. On other applications diabetes was under disabilities category. I did not put down that I am t1d. My question is should I have mentioned it?

  2. macksvicky

    Diabetes is only a disability if one is truly disabled from it. Most of us manage our lives just fine. If the actual Diabetes question was not on the application, there is no reason you should have to write it in. It may be necessary in the future, if you get the job to let them know.

  3. Jollymon

    My answer would be that I have no disabilities. I am not disabled.

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