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Tributes Come In Following Death Of Cherished Diabetes Writer David Mendosa

Tributes come in following death of cherished diabetes writer David Mendosa Tributes come in following death of cherished diabetes writer David Mendosa MP urges patients with diabetes symptoms to receive urgent testing 25 November 2016 We are sad to report that David Mendosa, one of the world's most cherished diabetes writers has passed away. David, from the US, had been a leading light in the diabetes community . His honest, clear, compassionate and matter of fact way of writing helped many people connect with their diabetes and made the condition seem easier to manage. He was diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer aged 81. He said: "I am glad to be able to write that this type of cancer is not one of the many complications of diabetes ." David was always thinking about his readers and others to the last and has made plans to ensure his website is maintained and available to be a continued source of wisdom. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1994, David took to writing about the condition - tackling diet , treatment, complications, dealing with diabetes psychologically and avoiding scams. He has left over 20 years of very well-researched deliberations, and his articles have Continue reading >>

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