Cough Medicine For Diabetics With A Chesty Cough

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Treating A Cough | Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community I have been struck down with a nasty virus - sore throat earache and very nasty tickly cough. I know I can't have cough medicine anymore due to it's sugar content. Can anyone recommend a way of soothing the cough? It's kept me awake the past 2 nights! Also, I know I should expect my BS to be higher because of the virus. But how much? Should I take more insulin? I am on mixed insulin 2 times a day. (Novomix 30). I have a meter that tests for ketones over 14mmol/l but it hasn't got over that yet. I took Pavacol-D (pholcodine) sugar-free cough mixture at night (described as suitable for diabetics), and it didn't push my morning BS up. Also gave me a good night's sleep. I'm not on insulin so I can't advise on that. Speak with your pharmacist, as DeejayR says there are suitable products available for people with diabetes, as for your insulin, you will need to increase your insulin doses if your bg is high, but I've not used Novomix 30 before so really can't advise, ring your DSN up in the morning and they give you the right advise. I had a dry cough earlier this week. Continue reading >>

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  1. Rick52

    Safe cold medicines for Diabetics

    Until last year I had no problems with cold medicines.I had a bout with Bronchitis that I didn't know I had until I went to my PCP.I was taking Zycam and Claritin D and other sympton relievers.This was stupid of me after finding out all these meds can throw your BG's and BP all to hell.I was taking huge excessive dosages and over laping my meds.My question is are there other safe cold relievers for diabetics out there?I checked the WEB and with some of the advice from a Pharmacist made sense in keeping it simple.It was my fault because it was something more than just a cold and the meds that I took before never gave me a problem before.I know there are a lot of sugar free cough drops and syrups but the cold symptom that chaps my hide the most is a runny nose.I like the label "consult your Doctor but he' not with me 24-7" . I tend to trust my fellow seasoned diabetics more @ DD.Like I tell my patients ,every one is different so are diabetics.

  2. furball64801

    Most of the stores carry diabetic tussin or meds that are ok for Ds.

  3. john55


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