Cost Of Diabetes Medication Without Insurance

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Medications: What Your Pharmacist Won’t Tell You

If there’s any cost in health care that should be easy to understand, it’s the cost of prescription medications. Pharmacies buy prescription drugs in bulk from pharmaceutical corporations and suppliers the same way they buy aspirin, and then sell them for a profit. But somehow this simple transaction is wrapped in so many layers of confusion that almost no one understands what’s really happening. So let’s start by trying to figure this out. Any time you go to a store (say, a grocery store) you expect to see all of the products being sold with their prices plainly displayed. When you go to the checkout, that’s the price you expect to be charged. You also expect to be able to check the price of the same or a comparable product in competing stores so you can shop around. That’s how the free market works. Imagine what it would be like if a grocery store never displayed the price of anything. And the price you’re charged might be totally different from the price the next customer is charged for the same product. In fact, suppose you couldn’t even pick your own groceries. A grocery list would be handed to you by a food expert and you’d be billed based on your particular Continue reading >>

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  1. raya11

    Insulin cost??

    I am curious what other insulin users are ending up paying for insulin.
    With my insurance I'm currently paying $15.00 for 1500 units of Lantus or Humalog in Pen injectors at the local Walgreens. A box of pens (5 x 300units each) lasts me just about a month. That works out to a penny a unit.
    If I use the mail in pharmacy it would be $30 for 3 months or 2/3 of a cent/unit.
    Of course you need to add in about $30/100 pen needles on top of the med cost.
    I think the going price for a box of 5 pens without insurance is somewhere in the $230-$250 range. For those without insurance or with a huge deductible it would end up being a huge cost over time.

  2. User2013

    On Medicare last year I paid $42 for Lantus and Humalog 5 pen boxes. I went in the donut hole in December and paid $140 for a 5 pen box and was told that was with my discount. I think you are about right on the regular retail price without insurance.

  3. ArtV

    Levemir Pens & Novolog Pens three months supply (and I'm Insulin Resistant) is about a $100 co-pay. They bill the Insurance around 3 grand. Needles are free. I get most testing supplies free (by that I mean no co-pay). Metformin, no co-pay for 3 month supply, 180 1000mg tabs.
    If you don't have insurance, Walmart has the Relion line of Novolin insulins for very reasonable prices. They switch back and forth between Novo Nordisk and Lilly every few years. It is an older generation of Insulin, but at $25 a vial it bears a look. In most states you can buy it over the counter without Rx.

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