Coq10 Diabetes Type 2

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Fighting Statin-induced Diabetes With Coq10

Statins are cholesterol-lowering drugs sold under trade names such as Lipitor® and Crestor®. They have been shown to benefit people at risk for heart disease caused by elevated LDL-cholesterol and/or C-reactive protein. For appropriate patients, statin drugs reduce cardiovascular death and disability rates.1-3 But despite these benefits, evidence suggests that statins, especially high doses of potent statins, may increase the risk, especially in older patients, of developing diabetes.3-6 Compelling data reveals that supplementing with CoQ10 can significantly reduce these glucose control issues. Facts about Statins and Diabetes Studies show that some statins, such as rosuvastatin (Crestor®), are associated with a 27% increased risk of developing new-onset type II diabetes.7 This is just one of many studies showing this harmful connection.4-6 One meta-analysis that utilized results from 13 statin studies involving more than 91,000 participants demonstrated an across-the-board increased diabetes risk of 9%,8 and found the highest risk in trials involving older subjects. Another meta-analysis showed that those taking higher doses of statins had a 12% higher risk of developing diabet Continue reading >>

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  1. carol43

    I've been hearing a lot about this and wondered if I should be taking it. I haven't taken Simvastatin for nearly a year after being on them for a long while.

  2. kentish maid

    i was told to take it because as you get older it is depleted and taking a statin depletes it more.

  3. carina62

    I take this on and off. I take statins and have been for years (along with other medication) and I keep hearing that this is important for statin users as they deplete the body of Q10. I'm trying not to take many additional supplements along with my current medication because I also have a 'fatty liver' and don't really want to overload it even more but it is one that comes highly recommended.

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