Chief Complaint Of Diabetes Mellitus

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Clinical Presentation Of Diabetes Mellitus

The body appears unable to sense glucose levels directly, but people with diabetes learn to appreciate when their blood glucose is outside the normal range by indirect cues, such as thirst when the glucose is too high and sweating and palpitations when it is too low. Diabetes may present acutely, with the three classic symptoms of thirst, polyuria and weight loss; even so, clinical recognition may be delayed until the patient is seriously ill. Many forms of diabetes, including type 2, present less dramatically. Increased thirst and polyuria may not be noticed because they develop slowly, and weight loss may be welcomed by those who are trying to diet. People at this stage of diabetes may call on their doctor with a range of non-specific symptoms such as tiredness and loss of energy; alternatively they may come to notice because of acute complications of diabetes, including hyperglycaemia emergencies and infections, or longer term complications including retinopathy, neuropathy, cataracts, cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. People with type 2 diabetes may have had the condition for several years before they come to clinical notice, and many countries now have screening polic Continue reading >>

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  1. cindycat

    My husband was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2004. He took Avandia, then Actos and for the last 2+ years, Metformin. Most of the time he'll eat the vegetables I put in front of him and hIs numbers are always good. In the last year or so, he started saying foods that he'd been eating for many years are now tasting sweet. It happens a lot with tomato sauce-based dishes like spaghetti sauce. Also with desserts that don't taste that sweet to me.
    He doesn't have a sweet taste in his mouth all the time...it's just with some foods. We asked one doctor about it but he didn't have an answer. Have any of you faced this? Thank you.

  2. Hedgehog_Mom

    Some things have a sweet taste to me too, store-bought spaghetti sauce and some low-carb tortillas especially.

  3. linicx

    I've noticed that some tomato sauces are sweeter than others. Try adding a touch of lime or lemon juice, or pure granulated garlic as it has no salt or additives. I don't know that either will work. Pharmacists know more about drug side effects, and how they interact with other Rx and foods than doctors. Or ask a dietician. There is an answer. Finding it is the challenge.

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