Central Diabetes Insipidus Vs Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

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Diabetes Insipidus - Endocrine - Medbullets Step 1

This patient is suffering from diabetes insipidus (DI). In a standard desmopressin test, an increase in urine osmolality of greater than 10% is highly suggestive of a diagnosis of central DI. Central DI is characterized by the failure of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis to produce and secrete sufficient levels of the hormone vasopressin (ADH). A desmopressin test is a highly useful diagnostic tool to differentiate between central (described above) and nephrogenic (resistance to ADH action in the kidneys) DI. The test involves injection of exogenous vasopressin. In central DI, injection of exogenous vasopressin will act to rectify the inappropriately low levels of endogenous ADH, leading to an increase in urine osmolality towards the normal range. In contrast, injection of ADH in the setting of nephrogenic ADH will not have any notable effect, as increasing ADH levels will not overcome the disease mechanism of renal resistance to ADH action. Adam describes the diagnostic protocol of DI in which the desmopressin test can help distinguish neurogenic from nephrogenic cases of DI. The treatment of neurogenic DI may involve nasal administration of desmopressin while nephrogenic DI requir Continue reading >>

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  1. s1mm

    advice with insulin on cycle

    advice with insulin on cycle Right done 3 previous cycles
    1) Test E 400mg per week 12 weeks (bulking) nolva pct
    2) Test P 500mg per week 8 weeks (cutting) keto nolva pct
    3) insulin only 10 iu post work out 4 weeks (loved it)
    Next cycle plans are 600 mg test E 12-16 weeks + insulin work up to 10 iu post workout nolva pct
    My question is what is the protocol for insulin within cycle, do i use for complete cycle or 2 weeks on week off etc
    just unsure anyone with any info would be much appreciated
    cheers peeps

  2. Trainiac

    Re:advice with insulin on cycle

    I suggest you google this, as there are various different thoughts on the best way to use insulin. One friend of mine takes lantus (very long-acting) early in the morning to last all day, then he takes humilin-r or humalog pre & post workout. I use only humilin-r (which works for 2 to 3 hours) immediately post workout at 9iu (the maximum dose required to activate gh receptors according to a recent study), followed by 40g carbs & 75g protein, plus 7g creatine, 5gr bcaas, & 7gr glutamine, then 3iu gh 30 min later (after the receptors are activated), then a big normal meal about 90 min later. after that, the humilin-r deactivates.

  3. thoon

    Re:advice with insulin on cycle

    What type of slin are you thinking of running ?
    Definitly use it for the full cycle Is best IMO and e/d
    How many days do you train?
    Can you give a rough idea of food intake for your workout days with times

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