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Orange Ice: 7 Problems With Using Carrot Juice To Treat Hypoglycemia

Orange Ice: 7 Problems With Using Carrot Juice to Treat Hypoglycemia When too much insulin sends Nicoles blood sugar below 4.2mmol/L we reach for a 75ml shot of carrot juice. Why carrot juice and not a glucose tablet? Because its a healthy source of glucose and minerals. It wont rob minerals from the body and teeth like taking refined corn-derived glucose tablets. It also wont cause many of the side-effects corn sugar has on the nerves, tissue and liver. 1) Its expensive. A 5lb bag of organic carrots from our local grocer costs $6.30. Im not sure exactly how many cups we get from that, but Id estimate around five. Thats the equivalent to about 15 glucose tablets. 2) Its time-consuming. Our eight-year son, Jonah, does most of the juicing. I do the scrubbing, peeling and chopping. Its a 20+ minute project. 3) The juicer uses electricity. It doesnt say how much. But it does increase the cost of the production. 4) Its loud! Not too loud, though. Compared to the blender its a cat purring on the windowsill. 5) The juice only lasts 24 hours before itll start going bad. So we freeze it in empty spring water bottles. When Nicole has a insulin reaction, I heat a saucepan up, cut open a bott Continue reading >>

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  1. Danielle B

    foot lotions

    I have not used any specific product on my feet except normal body lotion. I have recently seen a podiatrist for the first time and he promotes the sell of DiabetiDerm. I have also noticed a new product called Healthifeet but it is much more expensive. Has anyone used either of these or something similar? I have looked at the website for Healthifeet and that is where I got all the information about the new lotion and its benefits for more than diabetes.

  2. Danielle B

    Well I asked the podiatrist's nurse last week at my appointment and she assured me that the lotion that I am using is just fine but I could use the diabetiderm. I use Bath and Body Works lotion. It is very thick and moisturizing. I like the scents too! I NEVER put it between my toes. My fiancee woould kick my tail and my podiatrist promised to tell my endo dr and have me fired as a patient if I did anything that he told me not to. LOL I like my drs.

  3. jayabee52

    Howdy Y'all
    As a CNA we were told NOT to put lotion between the toes of a diabetic. This from a page on footcare for diabetics: "4. KEEP THE SKIN SOFT AND SMOOTH
    Rub a thin coat of skin lotion or cream on the tops and bottoms of the feet. Do not put lotion between your toes, because this might cause infection."
    Here's a link to the whole page in case you'd want to check it out: http://www.foot.com/info/cond_diabetic_foot.jsp

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