Can You Have Both Diabetes Mellitus And Diabetes Insipidus?

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What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes Insipidus?

Diabetes is a health condition that is well-known around the world because of its prevalence in the recent years. The most common types of the disease are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes with the latter being the highest occurring among all. There are also other forms of the disease that are rare and not known by many. One of such types is diabetes insipidus. It is cited as the rarest form of diabetes that is diagnosed in one out of 25,000 people. The particular type is also called ‘water diabetes’ since the affected person suffers from abnormally frequent, heavy urination and general poor health along with a lot of thirst which almost seems like impossible to get rid of. The common types of diabetes are mostly linked to insulin resistance and the inability of the body to use insulin due to pancreas malfunction. Diabetes insipidus, on the other hand, is usually caused by a defect in the kidneys or in the pituitary gland. The word insipidus used in the term comes from Latin and means tasteless. It is a reference to the urine passed by patients with diabetes insipidus which is low in sodium content, diluted, and odorless. On the other hand, the word mellitus used in the term Continue reading >>

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  1. gdfranklin53

    Diabetes Insipidus

    Does anyone else have Diabetes Insipidus? I've only met one youngster in my life with this disease. I was diagonosed in the late 80's. Doctors telll me how rare it is. This disease effects every aspect of my life, even with medication. I still maintain a good life but at times, it is unbearable. I would like to be here for anyone else who would like to discuss it, the problems, and the way I keep going. I would like to meet others with this condition as well as Diabetes Mellitis. I have nearly died from severe dehydration with this and know how serious it can be. If you have it or would just like questions answered best I can, just let me know.

  2. Lellen

    I've had DI since I was 11, I'm now 65. My parents were exhaustive in their search for what was the matter. I was lucky to live in Syracuse, NY where Dr.s Miller and Moses were doing research. I started out having to take daily intra muscular injections which was in peanut oil. Very inconvient and painful, I still
    have scar tissue. A nasal spray was then invented but if you had a cold, forget it! In the '70s another nasal form was invented. We called it "a buck snort" because you filled a tube w/ddavp and had to blow it up your nose, we calculated that is was dollar a snort! Finally in the late '70's early '80's a pill was invented! Hallelujah!!! Made life easier. None of these medications were easy to get at first. Now the cost of the pills is reasonable. I found the hardest thing about DI is that most doctors and nurses have never heard of it! That makes for all kinds of fun if you are sick or need surgery or heaven forbid get pregnant! I'm happy to say I've lived through it all, educated a few people along the way and realized I could have a disease far worse. I'm just wondering now as I age if other symptoms or side effects will pop up. Anyone out there that has had DI for as long as I have.

  3. Hayesville

    I've had DI since the mid-90"s due to a medication I'd taken for years that unfortunately damaged my kidneys and shot my creatinine levels up. This was thankfully caught thru a routine blood test and subsequent pee tests. It's stayed pretty stable except has gotten a bit worse the last few years. I also have the beginnings of type 2 DM, but can't take any meds for it I'm told because of my kidney disease. So far that's under control with diet and exercise. The most frustrating thing to me is that horrible cotton mouth that almost gags me after talking to someone for a while. Also the real stress my body feels if I do not have access to fluids for more than an hour for some reason. Anyone out there approaching dialysis? I am in stage 4 kidney disease…stage 5 starts dialysis I'm told.

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