Can You Get Disability Allowance For Diabetes

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Can I Get Social Security Disability For Osteoarthritis?

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis you may be wondering if you can get financial assistance from the SSA. The Social Security Administration recognizes osteoarthritis as an impairment in its section under disorders of the musculoskeletal system so you may qualify for disability depending on a few factors. Osteoarthritis, also called OA, is a degenerative joint condition that occurs when cartilage breaks down in the joints and can affect any joint in the body. Cartilage is a fibrous connective tissue that covers the ends of bones in normal joints reducing friction and allowing joints to move smoothly. Osteoarthritis most often occurs in weight bearing joints such as the knees, hips, and spine, but may also affect fingers, toes, and the neck. Unlike other forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus, osteoarthritis does not affect other organs of the body. It may however affect other joints if a previous injury or excess stress is involved. Osteoarthritis causes cartilage in a joint to lose elasticity and become stiff. The cartilage may wear away over time, decreasing its ability to cushion a joint and making it prone to damage. When cartilage breaks down, Continue reading >>

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  1. Chocol8

    DLA for Type 1 diabetes - help urgently needed for reconsideration letter... please can you help?

    My sister's friend received a letter from DLA on 21 April to say she will no longer get DLA for her 14yo dd who has diabetes. Because she got so upset, she accepted that nothing could be done so left it til the last minute to ask for help.
    This means i have only got until Wed to get a letter to them. I have drafted the following but do not know if it is strong enough and do not know enough about diabetes to use all the correct terms.
    I have tried to piece together words from the internet, but don't know if it's any good. If you are able to help, please can you? Many thanks. I will include copies of her attendance record at school and her consultants letter to say she has been quite unwell lately.... SORRY, this is very long.
    I write in response to your letter dated 21 April 2008. You have decided that I cannot get Disability Living Allowance for my daughter, XXXX.
    I would like to ask you to reconsider your decision. I address the points in your letter; namely that you feel my daughter does not need help getting around and that she does not need help with personal care.
    XXXX has suffered with Type 1 Diabetes since she was two years old, she is now 14. She has a named Diabetic Nurse, XXXX and is under Consultant Paediatrician Dr XXXX XXXX at the XXXX Hospital. I speak to XXXX at least once a week to discuss any concerns about XXXX?s condition. XXXX is happy for you to contact her regarding my daughter. Her number is XXXX
    You state that she does not need help with getting around, however XXXX is unable to walk when she is having a hypo as she is acutely sick, to the point where on occasion, she has vomited her stomach lining.
    To attempt to walk would put her life at risk as she would collapse or could wander into the road. To reach such a point whilst having a hypo would lead to a serious deterioration in her health and hinder her recovery by an unnecessary amount of time.
    Before she goes out of the house for even a short length of time, XXXX records her blood sugar level with her Optium Xceed blood glucose monitor. If she needs to, she will eat something to raise her blood sugars and wait until she gets a better reading before being able to do anything further.
    XXXX currently takes the following medication, but this could change again if she continues to wake up with high sugars as has happened recently:
    32 units of Novorapid before breakfast
    30 units of Novorapid before lunch
    30 units of Novorapid before tea
    42 units of Levimir at bedtime.
    XXXX has to carry her medication with her and does not leave the house without carrying her GlucoGen kit. However she is unable to administer this herself, she is dependent on either myself, XXXX the school nurse or the hospital to administer the injection immediately to stabilise her.
    If I receive a call to say XXXX is sick, I have to reach her immediately and call a taxi or an ambulance to get her to the hospital urgently.
    You have refused DLA because you say she needs no help with personal care. It is not unusual for XXXX to wet the bed in the night, which disturbs both our sleep. I have to fully strip the bed, make it up with clean sheets, shower XXXX because she is too sick to do it herself and dress her in clean nightwear. This takes over an hour and may have to be repeated if she is sick again.
    My daughter presently attends XXXX school and has on a number of occasions missed morning registration due to her high blood level reading. However, if she has not been hospitalised, she will ensure she attends school for the time she is able. She could stay at home and not attend for the whole day, but she has a willingness to learn and always makes an effort to attend school.
    Having said this, the school have notified me that her absences are recorded and although they are aware that these absences are due to her diabetes, I have been threatened with a £50 non attendance fine. XXXX makes the utmost effort to attend school when her levels are safely between the recognised readings of 4-7%.
    Her tutors are concerned about XXXX's as she regularly falls behind with her school work due to her diabetes.
    Diet plays a very important part in someone with diabetes and XXXX eats and drinks very sensibly. She knows the foods that will have an adverse effect on her condition and takes steps to avoid them. The special low sugar food which she eats are expensive and can sometimes be hard to buy locally.
    I am currently unemployed but seeking work which is local to home. I have a younger son who needs to be cared for when my daughter is ill and I have to make arrangements for him to be looked after should XXXX become sick. I am concerned that if I find a full time job, but receive calls out of work to attend to my daughter that I could be sacked.
    Diabetes is a life threatening condition and XXXX has suffered now for 12 years. It is not going to improve as she gets older and could possibly worsen as she grows, impacting severely on both her life and the lives of those around her.
    I would invite you to call Dr XXXX, Consultant Paediatrician whom I mentioned earlier to confirm the particular needs that XXXX has regarding her diabetes. His direct line is: XXXX. Alternatively, you could call XXXX?s Diabetic nurse on XXXX.
    I am unsure whether to mention that Mum is looking for work as could she not be considered her dd's full time carer? Or does this not happen is she is older and at school??? This is a very different letter than the reconsideration i wrote for my ds as he is AS/ADHD.
    Thanks very much for reading it and giving yourself eye strain - any help would be gratefully received.

  2. Chocol8

    Just wanted to add that I also need to put that she misses out on things her peers do, sleepovers, parties etc and that anything can trigger a hypo: happiness, upset, her periods, stress, illness or a change in weather.
    Sorry, I'll go away now...(scuttles away quickly).

  3. TotalChaos

    don't know all that much about such things but - I wonder if it would strengthen the letter if you say how often various events happen - e.g. check blood sugar x times every day, wet bed x times every week, a hypo x times every week, x times called to school etc. I wouldn't mention the looking for work at all.

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