Can You Get Brain Damage From Diabetic Coma?

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Diabetes And Seizures: What Are They? What Are The Symptoms?

Having a seizure is a very serious thing. It is dangerous for the person experiencing it, and it is also scary for those nearby. Seizures can be caused for several reasons. Some people have epilepsy, which is a disorder where seizures happen often. For those without epilepsy, they are often called “provoked seizures” because they were provoked, or brought on, by something reversible. Individuals with diabetes can experience these “provoked seizures” when their blood sugar drops too low. The following article explains the difference in these, how to prevent them, and how to care for someone that is having a diabetic seizure. The difference between epilepsy and seizures Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that happens because there is an electrical storm in the brain. People have recurrent seizures that involve loss of consciousness, convulsions, abnormal behavior, disruption of senses, or all of the above. Some have an “aura” before having a seizure and know when it is going to happen. Most causes of epilepsy are unknown, however they can be triggered by flickering light, loud noises, or physical stimulation. Treatment for this condition includes medications and sometimes die Continue reading >>

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  1. Apina

    Prolonged diabetic coma

    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to ask you If you know anybody who was in diabetic coma for more than 1 month? Or maybe someone here has such an experience? My husband has been in coma for 33 days now and it seems that he is not getting any better. Doctors say this is very unusual and that my husband has probably severe brain damage (in deeper structures of brain). I'm still looking for some information but it seems that diabetic coma usually lasts for couple of hours or days, not weeks or months. I'm so scared that he is not going to wake up
    Sorry for my spelling, I'm not English.

  2. Flynlobird

    I'm so sorry for your husband. Get a second and third opinion on his prognosis!!

  3. Apina

    I have been talking to different doctors and all of them say that it is a brain damage for 100% and they know that the cerebral cortex and the deeper structures of his brain are damaged but they don't know how big the damage is. I just would like to know if there are people who survived such damages and came back to normal life. I know that the 100% recovery is impossible.

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