Can You Feel Your Blood Sugar Rise

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Gestational Diabetes. 8 Best Images Of Diabetic Food Log Sheets Printable - Printable Diabetic Food Log Sheets, Printable Diabetic Food And Blood Sugar Log And Diabetes Blood Sugar Log Sheet Printable. Find This Pin And. .. Blood Sugar Log Template Free Blood Sugar Chart For Excel - Track Your Blood Sugar Level. This Blood Glucose Testing Record Includes Four Spaces For Recording Blood Glucose And Insulin Injected, Seven Days A Week. The Names Of The Days Are Conveniently Placed On The Left Hand Side. Physical Activity Can Also Be Documented Using This Form. Find This Pin And More On Tatoo Ideals By Kholtby38. Diabetes Forms In . Planners Free Printable Blood Sugar Log (pdf) From Vertex42.com. Blood Sugar Chartblood Sugar Levelslow Blood Sugarfood Loggestational Diabetesdiabetes Foodmedication Logblood Sugar Solutionfood Journal Printable.

Gestational diabetes. 8 Best Images of Diabetic Food Log Sheets Printable - Printable Diabetic Food Log Sheets, Printable Diabetic Food and Blood Sugar Log and Diabetes Blood Sugar Log Sheet Printable. Find this Pin and. .. blood sugar log template Free Blood Sugar Chart for Excel - Track Your Blood Sugar Level. This blood glucose testing record includes four spaces for recording blood glucose and insulin injected, seven days a week. The names of the days are conveniently placed on the left hand side. Physical activity can also be documented using this form. Find this Pin and more on tatoo ideals by kholtby38. Diabetes Forms in . Planners Free printable Blood Sugar Log (PDF) from Vertex42.com. Blood Sugar ChartBlood Sugar LevelsLow Blood SugarFood LogGestational DiabetesDiabetes FoodMedication LogBlood Sugar SolutionFood Journal Printable. Access our detailed, printable diabetes log sheets including: blood sugar, pump and glycemic index log sheets. Record. Weekly Log Sheet. free diabetes weekly log sheet Weekly Diabetes Record Log sheet: This is an excellent general record keeping logsheet form for those taking multiple doses of insulin. It has 7 days. Gestational diabetes. 8 Best Continue reading >>

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  1. LeilaB

    How long did it take you to get your blood sugar down to a normal range?

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 3 weeks ago with an A1c of 11. Since then, I have been counting my carbohydrates with a daily target of about 45 a meal. I have also been taking 500mg of Metformin twice a day. I test myself first thing in the morning and 2 hours after dinner each night. My numbers are slowly coming down, but so slowly! My morning readings were around 230-250 right after the diagnosis. This morning, my reading was 195. It seems to be going down, but at the same time I am worried that this is not happening fast enough. Tell me about your journey…how long did it take you to bring your numbers down?

  2. Betzie

    A little about me: I've been type 1 for 42 years. The last 5 years I've been having problems. Age (over 65), lack of movement & just plain over eating junk has been my problem. At 55 I had my own Harley! So, today I have hip, knee & lower back pain, always. My endocrinologist is bearing with me. A1C is 9. As told, I try to walk but it creates the pain to start. I have equilibrium problems with walking, using a cane to steady myself. Even my housework suffers. I used to clean my apartment in 1 day, now it takes that long just to clean the bathroom, hahaha. I've had PT. I know what to do but, as some have mentioned, the initiative is't there. I live alone, got rid of my 17 year old car because of work needed. My son does help me a lot, but he's not here always because of work. I also have diabetic unawareness and he has come in to find me passed out and called 911. Many of my problems are now stemming from no money, only social security. I have some help with prescriptions and gas & electric and charity care at the local hospital. Diabetes is hard to manage with stress and inactivity. I stopped working my PT job in 2013 for health reasons. I take 2 different types of insulin. I need to take small amounts every time I eat something/anything, such as a snack, but of course more with a meal. I take a different insulin for overnight. When asked how I'm doing, what else can you say but good, thanks. This is my first time telling this in this type of forum. No need to reply but thanks for listening.

  3. geanniB

    l wanted to know …say you just had a piece of pie that shot your sugar up to 240…how long in hours would you have to work out to get it back to a normal range…

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