Can You Drink Alcohol When You Have Type 1 Diabetes?

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Drinking With Diabetes Chart

We’re living in something of a golden age of beer in the United States, with an estimated 2,700 craft breweries in the country alone. And beer options are abundant—from your traditional pilsners and ales, to lambic beer, imperial IPAs, Russian stouts, and a litany of Belgian wheat beers. Your social life doesn’t need to stop when you have Type 1 diabetes, and neither does your love of beer. That’s right, if you feel the urge to drink up, go right ahead, just consider our advice for safe Type 1 beer consumption. Drinking Must-dos Eat before you drink – drinking on an empty stomach can send you especially low, since alcohol has a tendency to spike BGLs high then drop them low. This is due to the liver processing the alcohol. For this reason, do not count alcohol carbs as food carbs. The elevated carb content in beer, compared to thither alcohols, can lead to an even greater spike and plummet scenario. Hydrate! Drink a glass of water between beers or an other calorie-free option (e.g. diet soda or iced tea). Hydration is key to avoiding a hangover as well as helping you stay in better range. Test you BGLs frequently – before going out, while you’re out, and before going Continue reading >>

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  1. josie369

    Type 1 and Alcohol!?

    So i'm 18 years old and in my first year at university. I regulary go out and drink, and i must say i love it! I'm usually shy so drinking really brings me out of my shell and everyone says im a laugh when i'm drunk! So when i was diagnosed with type 1 i was determined NOT to stop drinking. I don't drink too often, about once a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks, sometimes less than that... but when i drink i REALLY drink. It doesn't take too much to get me REALLY drunk though (4, 5, 6 shots of vodka). I've only been drunk twice since i was diagnosed in december and both times i've been testing my levels about every 1 1/2 hours with the help of my friends and found that i've been fine whilst out (never over 10 mm/ol and never below 6 mm/ol) but when i get home i have 2 slices of toast, maybe some chocolate, some nuts and half a banana (this is what i had yesterday after drinking) and when i woke up in the morning i was around 5 mm/ol. So, as long as i make sure i eat enough before i go to bed, is it fine to drink like this every now and then? I KNOW i will eat enough from now on after i drink, i literally eat until i can barely eat anymore! And i don't get to the state where i can't stand up or i throw up or anything, just to the point when i know i'm drunk and maybe can't remember much from the night before...

  2. mookie47

    Drinking is fun, I also dont want to stop, at least not now. I am always extra careful, testing and eating to make sure I dont go low. Sounds like you have a pretty good feel for it so you should be fine as long as you continue to be careful.
    Have fun! Be safe!

  3. StockoHMK

    That's it really, get drunk but be safe. The biggest risk in my experience has been drinking, and sleeping through a hypo which will escalate to a fit and so on.

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