Can You Drink Alcohol When You Have Diabetes?

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10 Things To Remember About Alcohol And Blood Sugar

If you can keep your alcohol consumption to one drink or under, you're probably okay, since most studies don't show increased risks for a single glass. Skip mixed cocktails, since they tend to be loaded with sugar, calories, and carbs, and don't drink on an empty stomach because it can spike blood sugar. Role-play difficult situations. If you dread being asked about why you won't eat cake or drink alcohol, you feel like you can't ask the doctor the questions you want answered, or you have an overbearing family member you don't know how to confront, practice how you'll handle the situation next time with a close friend or a counselor playing the other part. This way you can fine-tune your approach before you have to use it. If you've enjoyed so much as a glass of wine or beer in the hours leading up to your bedtime, do a quick check of your glucose levels. If your blood sugar is low, have a small snack if you need one before crawling under the covers. Alcohol makes it difficult for your body to recover from low blood sugar; having a bite to eat will moderate its effects. Alcohol and vigorous sex both lower blood sugar, and combining the two could cause a dangerous low. Be sure to mo Continue reading >>

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  1. Cb12016

    Everyone's body is different and needs different things. I need to have carbs before bed in order to get a good fasting. I eat peanut butter toast and have a glass of milk. If your numbers are just slightly high, extend bars may help. I got them in the diabetes section at Walmart. They are supposed to level off blood sugars for up to 9 hours. Those worked for me for a while too

  2. deeja82

    Awesome thanks. I think i have to stay away from carbs at night. Ill look into thebars!

  3. celestevb

    At night I have to have protein and light carbs. peanuts or peanut butter and a slice a whole wheat bread. Even an egg works well for me (weird to eat at bedtime) One thing I can never have at night is milk or fruit. The natural sugars don't do well for my fasting numbers. Hope this helps

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