Can Thyroid Problems Cause High Blood Sugar?

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Hyperthyroidism Symptoms

When you have hyperthyroidism, your body is producing excessive amounts of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Since these hormones regulate your metabolism (how your body processes and uses energy), having too high a level will cause symptoms related to a high metabolism. In essence, hyperthyroidism speeds up some of your body's processes. However, not everyone with hyperthyroidism will experience all of the symptoms listed below. These are all the possible symptoms, but symptoms vary based on how long your thyroid gland has been producing too much T3 and T4, how much extra T3 and T4 you have, and your age. Here's what you may experience with hyperthyroidism: Appetite change (decrease or increase) Difficulty sleeping (insomnia) Fatigue Frequent bowel movement—perhaps diarrhea Heart palpitations Heat intolerance Increased sweating Irritability Light menstrual periods—perhaps even missed periods Mental disturbances Muscle weakness Nervousness Problems with fertility Shortness of breath Sudden paralysis Tremor/shakiness Vision changes Weight loss-but perhaps weight gain Dizziness Thinning of hair Itching and hives Possible increase in blood sugar If Graves' disease is the underlying Continue reading >>

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  1. Em_NZ

    Hyperthyroidism - BG rises in a non diabetic?

    Hi all, long time no see!
    My mother was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, her numbers coming out over twice the max 'normal' amount. She's only just started taking pills for it, so far things aren't really improving but we're hoping for a good change real soon!
    My question is, can an overactive thyroid raise blood sugar levels in a non-diabetic? She's always had perfectly healthy BG results until now. Even now it's nothing tragic - her A1c was 6.3, which many of us would be proud of but I know it's a little high for a non-D.
    I'm pretty sure it's just the thyroid acting up seeing as it's affecting her whole metabolism - but just hoping someone can confirm that for me. And will it all settle down once the pills are doing what they should? Anything else I should know?

  2. drsoosie

    It is possible it could raise it a little, however according to my endo not likely. She should also have herself checked for diabetes or pre-diabetes. I have Grave's disease and when I had high BG last year, before I was diagnosed, I was convinced it was because my Synthroid was too high and I was consuming more sugar to compensate for the high metabolism. It turns out, being an auto-immune person, I actually had Type 1 diabetes. The symptoms are similar in the beginning to an over active thyroid.

  3. Em_NZ

    She's being sent for a GTT (ugh) so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to offer to go with her, I want to be there to support her - and also just see how it's done as I never had one myself!
    Also I'm going to her place for dinner tonight so I'll take my spare meter and do my own little GTT, testing before & a couple of times after we eat.
    6.3 isn't that high for a non-diabetic is it?
    I would not wish diabetes on anyone, and I'd freak if Mum got it! She's just had the test to see if her hyperthyroidism is auto-immune, so that's a result we're waiting for. If it is there's more of a chance of her prospective diabetes being T1... I think we'd all prefer T2, with an A1c like that she'd be able to control it well with diet & exercise as she's already pretty smart when it comes to nutrition.
    My diabetes has come through my Dad's side of the family - no trace of it at all in my Mum's (huge!) family. So I'm thinking that so far the odds are good for this to just be an oddity because of her body going a little nuts.
    Then again, maybe I'm in denial, because I really can't handle the thought of my Mum having to go through everything that I go through!

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