Can Thyroid Problems Cause Blood Sugar Problems?

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Hashimoto’s: Blood Sugar Blues

The human body is a wonderfully complex playground where hormones, immune cells, neurotransmitters, red and white blood cells, bacteria, and more all frolic. With Hashimoto’s that playground gets invaded by a hurricane of inflammation and this disrupts many of the systems that produce these things. In today’s post, we focus on how blood sugar problems can impact the thyroid and how Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism can also make blood sugar problems worse. It’s a two way street, people. The Poor, Dear Pancreas The endocrine gland that is responsible for helping maintain blood sugar balance is the pancreas. The poor, dear, much beleaguered pancreas. What does the pancreas do? Quite a lot actually, we really should be nicer to it. It does endocrine stuff and non-endocrine or exocrine stuff. Blood Sugar Balance and Absorption On the endocrine side it produces insulin, glucagon and somatostatin. Insulin and glucagon are involved in blood sugar metabolism and somatostatin is involved in intestinal absorption. The exocrine functions include secreting digestive enzymes into the small intestines. These breakdown proteins, fats and carbs in the diet. Studies have found pancreatic funct Continue reading >>

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