Can The Heat Affect Your Blood Sugar?

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Heat And Type 1 Diabetes

Note: This article is part of our Daily Life library of resources. To learn more about the many things that affect your health and daily management of Type 1, visit here. Whether experiencing hot summer temperatures or a tropical vacation, it is important for everyone to beware of the heat – and the various effects that it can have on our bodies. Have you ever noticed your blood sugar either spiking or dropping rapidly in severe temperatures? Many people with Type 1 diabetes run into this issue and have been baffled as to why. Heat may have much more of an impact on your blood glucose levels than you realized! Keeping a close eye on your BG becomes even more important when in areas with higher temperatures. Here are some possible explanations to the heat’s role in blood sugar fluctuations, and some factors to keep in mind while enjoying your summer fun in the sun with Type 1! High blood sugar Heat can spike blood sugar levels easily if we are not properly hydrated. When the body is dehydrated, blood glucose becomes more concentrated due to the decrease in blood flow through the kidneys. This makes it much more difficult for the kidneys to remove any excess glucose from urine. H Continue reading >>

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  1. 123MMM

    Heat can cause blood sugar to go high

    I would like to know that the heat factor can affect blood sugar level ? If the temperature is more then 43 C will it be a reason for a sugar to go up?
    please reply

  2. Nan OH

    Yes, an increase in ambient temperature will raise the Blood Glucose Levels for most people. Very cold temperatures will do the same thing. It is a matter of stress hormones being released into your system to help you cope with the temperature. Many are more tolerant to heat/cold than others and the amount of increase depends on the person.

  3. Trudii

    Very good to know. I live in the South but grew up in the Midwest, I'm not at all acclimated to this heat even 5 years later, so at least I have yet another excuse not to go out in the summer.

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