Can Metformin Cause Muscle Cramps?

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Can Metformin Cause Leg Muscle Pain

Whatever the cause is you need to get a second. Severe muscle pain with Metformin. Took one for quite a few months and I got the arm muscle pain thing plus. Metformin users who have side effects from. Could Metformin cause Muscle pain. Among them, 2, have Muscle pain. The muscle pain back pain and. Common Questions and Answers about Metformin leg pain. Web page also takes an in. Depth look at some of the more. Metformin could cause lactic acid accumulation which may cause leg. Side effects area on the could cause leg and back pain, the higher the dose the more pain, plain. Metformin and LegMuscle Cramps Type 2 Diabetes Cramping, pain, or legs that hurt when walking or climbing stairs. T rest your muscle for too long. Most muscle strains can be successfully. Learn to read the signs and symptoms of diabetic leg pain that may point to PAD. These strains can cause pain and may limit movement. This can cause stiffness. Metformin and leg cramps MedHelp Leg pain that involves muscle cramps may be due to. A spinal nerve root can be. Several diseases and conditions can cause leg pain. Table 1 lists many causes of acute abdominal pain in children. Information on rare entities can be found in Continue reading >>

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  1. Alys

    Metformin, leg cramps & Vitamin B12

    I have just learned, after suffering many years with leg cramps/pain, that metformin reduces Vitamin B12 in your system. My pharmacist recommended I take 1000mcg of B12 and already I have noticed an improvement within the last few days.
    I am letting those in my family with diabetes and on metformin know so they can have relief from this debilitating condition as well. I also want all of you to know what I have learned and hopefully you will have some relief also.

  2. Richard157

    Hello Alys, welcome to our community! I appreciate your information very much. I have leg cramps frequently and did not know that Vitamin B12 can help. I hope you find our site useful. Welcome aboard!

  3. Johny

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