Can High Blood Sugar Cause Restless Legs?

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7 Health Conditions Linked To Restless Legs Syndrome

7 Health Conditions Linked to Restless Legs Syndrome 7 Health Conditions Linked to Restless Legs Syndrome Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a common sleep-related movement disorder. Affected individuals feel a strong urge to move the legs during inactivitylike during sleep. Some cases of RLS appear out of nowhere. The strange creeping, tingling , or burning sensations begin developing in your legs for no obvious reason. Doctors aren't sure why, but this disorder often runs in families, so genes may be to blame. Often, though, RLS occurs hand in hand with another health condition, such as kidney disease, diabetes, or pregnancy . Here are seven conditions linked to RLSand how to cope with them so you can rest easy. Healthy kidneys clear extra water, waste, and toxins from your blood. When they no longer work as well as they should, you have chronic kidney disease. As many as 57% of people with kidney disease also have RLS. Common risk factors for RLS in people with kidney disease include anemia , low iron levels, and high blood calcium levels. Since most people don't have symptoms of kidney disease until the condition is advanced, talk with your doctor about your risk. If you have a k Continue reading >>

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  1. NirvanaKlaatu

    When I get out of my bed in the morning, I feel dizzy and have the urge to vomit. This happens to me about once a month. Does anyone have this same experience with Metformin?

  2. nikehoke

    Metformin can deplete your B12. Vertigo can be a symptom. Many other neurological symptoms are likely to occur. Take some 5,000 mcg sublingual B12 before the damage is permanent.

  3. susinpgh

    Holy crap! I didn't know that!

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