Can High Blood Sugar Cause Legs To Swell?

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Swollen Ankles And Swollen Feet

Swollen ankles and swollen feet definition and facts Swelling of the ankle and feet is relatively frequent symptom in most people. In itself it does not represent a disease but rather the symptom of an underlying disease. Causes of swollen ankles and feet are numerous including: Dependent swelling (edema) Medications Injuries Infections Others (infrequent causes) Most people who spend time standing or sitting and those people with causes listed above are at risk for feet and ankle swelling. Swelling symptoms depend on the underlying cause so symptoms may range from a painless increase in foot and ankle diameter (size) to skin changes of color, and texture changes that may be localized to one or both or ankles. Other symptoms may include warm skin and ulceration with pus drainage Almost all feet and ankle swelling is diagnosed by clinical observation and physical examination; tests are ordered to diagnose underlying causes Treatment of swollen feet and ankles is dependent on diagnosing the underlying cause(s); some people require no treatment while others with underlying cause(s) may require several different treatments. Complications vary according to the underlying disease process Continue reading >>

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  1. MarianneK

    High bloodsugar and swollen feet

    Earlier this week I experienced that my right foot suddenly got swollen and the next day the other one too. I also had breathing problems. I went to the hospital but they could find nothing wrong. For a longer time I have had irregular bloodsugar, could that have disturbed something? For 4 days now I have kept my bloodsugar close to 'perfect' and both feet and breating difficulties are ok again.
    Has anyone experienced something similar and know what this could be??
    My body is scaring me...

  2. User2013

    I don't have an answer for you however, if keeping your sugar in control takes care of the problem, I would do all I could to keep it that way. Swelling and retaining fluid and breathing problems is cause for alarm. Be sure to keep a log of numbers, foods and symptoms.

  3. furball64801

    I had 500 blood sugar levels but never experienced that, keep a close eye on it.

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