Can High Blood Sugar Cause Legs To Swell?

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Diabetes And Leg Swelling: The Terrible Twosome

If you are diabetic, you need to worry about a lot more things like heart diseases and leg swelling. This causes peripheral edema in some cases and can be painful. If you see symptoms of swelling in your ankles, lower legs or feet, it is time to pay your physician an emergency visit. Diabetes expand blood circulation in an inappropriate way, which can cause swelling in the lower leg region. However, there could be other reasons as well that would cause the swelling. So a visit to the doctor is a must. Diabetes is a serious disease which gives rise to many further complications; swelling in the legs is one of them. Let’s discuss a few reasons that could be contributing to the swelling and its cure. What can lead to leg swelling? For any diabetic patient, it is a must to consult a doctor in case you notice any changes in the body. A patient who’s been living with diabetes for several years needs to be extra careful because this disease comes with so many attached risks. If you are diabetic and have noticed some leg swelling recently, the following could be a few reasons for it. The main reason for leg swelling in diabetes is peripheral edema. Fluids collect in the feet, ankles an Continue reading >>

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  1. MarianneK

    High bloodsugar and swollen feet

    Earlier this week I experienced that my right foot suddenly got swollen and the next day the other one too. I also had breathing problems. I went to the hospital but they could find nothing wrong. For a longer time I have had irregular bloodsugar, could that have disturbed something? For 4 days now I have kept my bloodsugar close to 'perfect' and both feet and breating difficulties are ok again.
    Has anyone experienced something similar and know what this could be??
    My body is scaring me...

  2. User2013

    I don't have an answer for you however, if keeping your sugar in control takes care of the problem, I would do all I could to keep it that way. Swelling and retaining fluid and breathing problems is cause for alarm. Be sure to keep a log of numbers, foods and symptoms.

  3. furball64801

    I had 500 blood sugar levels but never experienced that, keep a close eye on it.

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