Can High Blood Sugar Cause Legs To Swell?

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Diabetic Legs Swelling Causes And Remedies

Many people suffering from diabetes complain about swelling in legs and feet. Usually, this swelling is painless and due to retention of fluid. There can be numerous reasons leading to such retention, from very high and uncontrolled sugar levels (which is dangerous for various organs) to the secondary complications of diabetes. Usually, fluid retention indicates that either heart of a diabetic person has become weak. Thus there is a poor flow of fluids, or kidneys are not functioning properly. In some cases, it may be due to liver disease or some anti-diabetic medications. Other reasons of such swelling could be a disease of blood vessels, or deficit of certain micronutrients and electrolytes(“Swelling and Diabetes – Swollen Legs, Ankle & Feet, Peripheral Edema,” n.d.). Let us look in detail at some leading causes of swelling of legs in diabetes. Congested heart failure The major complication of diabetes is weakening of heart and blood vessels. Congested Heart Failure (CHF) often coexists in diabetes(Nasir & Aguilar, 2012). In fact, a person suffering from diabetes is at much higher risk of heart failure(Nichols, Gullion, Koro, Ephross, & Brown, 2004). In CHF though the heart Continue reading >>

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  1. MarianneK

    High bloodsugar and swollen feet

    Earlier this week I experienced that my right foot suddenly got swollen and the next day the other one too. I also had breathing problems. I went to the hospital but they could find nothing wrong. For a longer time I have had irregular bloodsugar, could that have disturbed something? For 4 days now I have kept my bloodsugar close to 'perfect' and both feet and breating difficulties are ok again.
    Has anyone experienced something similar and know what this could be??
    My body is scaring me...

  2. User2013

    I don't have an answer for you however, if keeping your sugar in control takes care of the problem, I would do all I could to keep it that way. Swelling and retaining fluid and breathing problems is cause for alarm. Be sure to keep a log of numbers, foods and symptoms.

  3. furball64801

    I had 500 blood sugar levels but never experienced that, keep a close eye on it.

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