Can Exercise Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes?

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This One Thing Is The Highest Risk For Diabetes

Regular exercise plays an important role in the daily maintenance of your blood sugar levels Reducing your daily activity and not exercising, even just for a few days, causes changes in your body that are associated with diabetes Exercise directly impacts your risk of developing diabetes, with regular exercise acting as a strong preventive mechanism When using exercise therapeutically for diabetes, high-intensity, burst-type exercises such as Peak Fitness are key By Dr. Mercola The latest research out of the University of Missouri should be required reading for the 79 million Americans with pre-diabetes and the 26 million with the full-blown disease. Taken together, this amounts to one in four Americans struggling with diabetes and the vast majority of these cases are type 2. When diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, many believe their fate has been sealed and all they can do now is "control" it. More than 50 percent of type 2 diabetics are also not even aware they have diabetes, while millions of others are living in a state of insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) that could progress into diabetes at any time. If someone told you there was a "magic" trick you could do that would almost in Continue reading >>

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    Originally Posted by mcbizkit02
    Or is it genetic?

    It is common for pregnant women to develop diabetes. Is pregnancy self induced?

  3. BossMadOne

    No, there is insulin resistance... that can develop over time it has to do with genetics. My mother/father worked very physically through out their life and ate garden fresh food, very little processed foods and are not overweight and both have diabetes. ATM I don't have diabetes but that could change when I'm 50/60.

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