Can Diabetics Take Cough Syrup?

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How Medications Can Impact Type 1 Diabetes Management

When taking medicine, you must always read labeling carefully and be aware of possible side effects. When you have Type 1, you have the added consideration of how it will affect your blood glucose levels as well as any devices that you depend on for your diabetes management. And as with anything you digest, you must know the carb count, administering insulin as needed. Apart from daily medication such as birth control, having a sick-day protocal is always smart for the unexpected bug. This way, you’ll be stocked ahead of time with essentials to ease your mind and decrease additional stress over your care. Here are some must-knows about over-the-counter medication and what it means for your Type 1. Cold Medicine Being sick stresses the body, and when your body’s stressed it releases blood-glucose raising hormones. These hormones can even prevent insulin from properly lowering your levels. Consider the following when taking cold medicine: Opt for pill forms – if possible, pills over syrups are better for their lack of carbohydrates. Check for added sugars – When taking syrups, double-check the labels of over-the-counter brands to make sure they don’t have added sugar. See i Continue reading >>

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  1. Techknitter

    For months now, since diagnosis, I've been thinking.... when I've got a minute I'll find out what you can take for a cold if you're diabetic. Previously medicines of choice were blackcurrant and glycerin cough syrup, throat pastilles and brand name cold/flu tablets. I forget to do this and now find myself with, you guessed it, a heavy cold.
    What on earth can I take for it? Congestion symptoms are the worst so some advice would be really great.

  2. Copepod

    A few suggestions, some of which might suit you:
    - seek advice from a pharmacist, as there are some low or no added sugar cold remedies, plus many anti-congestant remedies eg nose drops / nose sprays don't contain sugar
    - suck only a very few pastilles, as just a few spread out over a whole day won't affect blood sugar much
    - gargle with hot salty water for sore throat
    - make your own remedies eg hot whisky and / or lemon juice toddy, with only the minimum amount of sugar / honey / sweetener that you need
    - accept that blood sugar levels will be higher than normal (unless you can compensate with insulin) due to infection, so additional rise due to sugar will be relatively small

  3. Techknitter

    Thank you. I'll give those a try.

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