Can Diabetics Eat Oranges And Bananas

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Can A Diabetic Eat Bananas?

If you have diabetes, you may have heard that bananas are too sweet or too high in sugar to fit into your diet. This common belief is related to the fact that bananas are high in carbohydrates, which the body converts into sugar, and because they are rumored to have a high glycemic index, a measure of a food’s impact on blood sugar levels. However, bananas actually have a low glycemic index and are a nutritious food that can be an asset to a healthy diet. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends fruit be included in a diabetes meal plan. As with any fruit, bananas can fit as long as the carbohydrates are factored into the plan. Video of the Day Carbohydrates converted to glucose during digestion, and with the help of insulin, glucose provides energy and fuels your cells for action. However, people with diabetes either have sluggish insulin, or don’t make enough insulin, and as a result, have high levels of glucose circulating in the blood. To best manage blood sugar or blood glucose levels, it’s helpful to eat moderate portions of carbohydrate-containing foods and to spread these foods throughout the day. Fruit contains carbohydrate, and a medium banana contains abo Continue reading >>

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  1. Rephrenothey

    No there not berries and other fruits are way better than apple plus it taste better

  2. Cathyy

    Ever since my husband did the math and figured out there were more carbs from sugar in unsweetened apple juice than in Coca Cola he has understood just how carb-heavy apples are. The fiber in apples serves to slow the spike, but it's not enough to prevent that huge spike in blood sugar. Apples are off the menu here, except on Rosh Hashanah.

  3. slanoue

    Originally Posted by colliemom
    I was always thin= ate loads of fruit and fiber -- guess what - No fruit for me -- especially NOT citrus - don't know where this article is from but I am sure that for most of us - if we control by diet alone most fruits - save berries (which I cannot even eat) are out! Yeah, I agree. I would not eat oranges, cherries or bananas.... all have way too much sugar. I do eat berries and apples.

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