Can Diabetics Eat Instant Mashed Potatoes

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How To Make Mashed Potatoes Healthier

EatingWell's food editor Jessie Price shows you how to make healthy mashed potatoes without the butter for an easy Thanksgiving side dish. In this healthy cooking technique for easy mashed potatoes, we skip the heavy cream and butter to cut calories and cut fat and add flavor with garlic and herbs. Continue reading >>

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  1. susanann

    Can anyone help me please? Is instant mash a no-no for diabetics?

  2. DeusXM

    Depends on the type. Mash (instant or otherwise) contains a lot of carbohydrate. T1s can bolus for mash, and some T2s may be able to eat small portions without it affecting them. As a T1 I will eat mashed potato but I do have the flexibility to do so.
    Generally though, a better option for everyone (regardless of whether or not they have diabetes) is mashed cauliflower - taste and texture is the same but it has almost no carbs.

  3. Dory

    ...or mashed swede and carrot, or, my personal fave......mashed celeriac MMMMMMMMMMMM
    mashed potato is really high GI/GL and low in fibre and, as Deus says, high in carbs. mashed veg alternatives are much healthier (and tastier too! I tried some mashed potato a while ago after a long time having switched to veg alternatives and it tasted really bland - quite unappetising).
    for the swede/carrot chop both into small cubes and boil for 40mins then mash as you would potato, for celeriac, the same but boil for about 20 mins.

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