Can Diabetics Eat Grilled Cheese

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Is It Ok For A Diabetic. To Have Grilled Cheese?

Is it ok for a diabetic. To have grilled cheese? I was just diagnosed with diabetes type 1. I'm feeling hungry and my diabetes is not so severe. My blood sugar is 112 right now. Is it ok for me to have a grilled cheese sadwich Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Best Answer: Eat whatever you feel like eating when you feel like eating them. 90 minutes to 2 hours after the first bite, check your glucose again. Journal everything, first glucose testing, the food eaten, the times, the next testing and the amounts of medication taken and time. Nothing is forbidden to any type of diabetic. Yes the nutritionists and dietitians all say to limit the fats, but they don't have diabetes and don't have to count the carbs so they don't have a clue as to how hungry a person can get when they don't eat all natural foods rather than the chemical look alikes. You can get all the nutrition info you want on the foods you want to eat at It will give you the grams of carb and all the other nutrients of the foods as well. Honey, if you were just diagnosed with type 1, it is too severe, just you dont' have the neuropathy yet that the rest of us have from years of not being able to check the gluc Continue reading >>

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  1. deleted_user

    I started on Metformin 500 mgs 2X per day. After a few days reduced it to 250 mgs 2 X per day due to severe stomach pain even though I took it always on a full stomach. It took one day to drop my glucose numbers and I was shocked.
    I want to stay on this stuff and hopefully lose weight as a bonus.
    BUT...waking up sweating at night is driving me bonkers too. I seem to sweat easily anyway even during the day....but this is crazy. I am determined to go on with this but need to know...have or do any of you sweat a lot and does this drug do this all the time? Maybe it will take time to adjust but it is getting me frustrated (as you can tell).
    Thanks so much everyone for some help....

  2. mzizgayle

    it is very rare to have the night sweats with the metformin, but night sweats are common with low numbers during the night. The next time you wake up to the sweats test your numbers to find out just out of curiosity.

  3. deleted_user

    Yes, I did a lot of night sweating too when I started on Metformin. Right now I take 2 x 850 mgs a day. Have taken it for over a month now and the sweating is less.
    What I do is I have a towel next to my bed, and when the sweating starts, I wipe. In extreme cases I turn on the ventilator.
    I hope it will subside for you and that you can handle it in the meantime. Good luck!

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