Can Diabetic Blindness Be Reversed

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Diabetic Retinopathy: Leading Cause Of Preventable Blindness In America

Is Diabetic Retinopathy Really Preventable? Diabetes is reported as the number one cause of blindness in America according to the American Diabetes Association. However, with proper steps and management what could result in vision loss could be only a minor to moderate vision impairment. There are two terms to become familiar with: nonproliferative retinopathy and proliferative retinopathy. It is highly probable that everyone with type 1 diabetes and most people with type 2 diabetes will develop nonproliferative retinopathy. This does not mean that you will lose your sight, in fact many people only experience mild to moderate vision issues. Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Nonproliferative retinopathy, also known as background retinopathy, is when capillaries in the back of the eye balloon and form pouches. Although nonproliferative retinopathy usually does not require treatment, Macular Edema must be treated. This is caused by fluid leaking into the part of the eye where focusing occurs, the macula. When the macula swells with fluid, vision blurs and can be lost entirely. Fortunately, treatment is usually effective at stopping and sometimes reversing vision loss. Proliferativ Continue reading >>

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  1. Meg2009Arm

    I had a retinopathy exam 6 weeks ago and was told I had a slight bleed in my left eye. It was hard news to take becasue I have always been pretty good with my diet. I was also told I had to wait about 4 weeks for the report to go to my doctor, during this time I went into panic mode and put myself on a very low carb (wholemeal only) diet and have lost quite abit of weight (I wasn't overweight before). Whilst waiting for my doctors to receive the report I booked an eye test at my local opitians and told them about my concerns and retinopathy results and so she did a very thorough examination and told me she couldn't find a single thing wrong with my eye health or eye sight and definatley no sign of retinopathy. Does this mean the first test could have been wrong or could it have correctd itself in this short 5 week period?

  2. alaska

    If the initial retinopathy exam was the one where they take a photograph of the back of the eye -this should be more exact in theory.
    As long as you keep your levels in good control, I think that's the main thing.

  3. IanD

    Don't panic! I've had the retina examinations for 7-8 years, first at the local branch of Moorfields, now at the local clinic.
    A slight bleed has been reported from the first examination - not needing any attention. The last 2 years, no such bleed has been reported. Surprisingly they have not commented on the improvement - the technician is no longer allowed to talk to the patient.
    3½ years ago, as a result of debilitating muscle pains, I consulted this forum & cut down on carbs. The muscle pains went, & chronic tiredness & also the retinopathy. A further bonus has been a reduction in chronic tiredness.
    As for your experience, it is surprising that a difference should show up in a short time. All you can do is maintain a healthy low carb diet (NOT the DUK 50% carb diet.) The tests are annual, & in my case, even over the several years retinopathy bleed were reported, & before I went low carb, the condition did not progress.

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