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Aging Well With Diabetes: 146 Eye-opening (and Scientifically Proven) Secrets That Prevent And Control Diabetes

Aging Well with Diabetes: 146 Eye-Opening (and Scientifically Proven) Secrets That Prevent and Control Diabetes by Bottom Line Inc. Diabetes is epidemic in the United States, especially if you're over the age of 50. Even if you're already being diligent about your health, a diagnosis can feel like an overwhelming extra burden. The editors of Bottom Line Inc. present Aging Well with Diabetes, the first book for mature men and women looking to prevent and control diabetes with insight from over 500 of the world's top health experts! It provides easy access to the trusted collection of information that Bottom Line is known for, and offers breakthroughs on a vast array of topics, including: Heart health and blood pressure secrets Whether you're hoping to get better control of your diabetes, or facing the first shock of a diagnosis, Bottom Line is here to help you confidentially tackle diabetes. How Americas Top Diabetes Doctor Avoids Diabetes 7 The Best Way to Prevent Diabetes-No Drugs Needed 9 The Shocking Diabetes Trigger That Can Strike Anyone 11 The Secret Invasion That Causes Diabetes 14 How Your APOE Genes Lead to Diabetes or Heart Disease 17 Gee More of This Mineral to Shield A Continue reading >>

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  1. genie86333

    Hi, everyone.
    In my box of syringes, I found an ad for Reli-On's Novolin N for under $25/vial. The doc had me get Humulin N, which is twice as expensive (he thought it was $30/vial, but it's actually about $50. $48.80 is the cheapest I found & I'd have to go to Walmart anyway for my other meds & syringes because they're WAY more expensive at the pharmacy where Humulin's cheapest.)
    I've been reading a bit on the net to see what the differences are & most sites I've seen say they're about the same (some say they are the same, just different brand names...)
    Any input here?

  2. Hismouse

    I see you live in Cali too, I live down in San Diego. I have Kaiser ins, I am on Novolin N, for 3 months 3 bottles/vials and 100 syringes was $25.00.....I get my One touch test trips for free.
    Do you not have a precription plan?

  3. enigmalady777

    I'm on Kaiser too, but my plan is different.
    Kaiser offers many different plans and depending upon which one your employer has chosen (if your insurance is through your employer, which mine is) or which one you have purchased on your own, the prescription benefit can vary widely.
    I typically pay about $30 for a three month supply of BG strips, $25 for 400 syringes, $50 for three month supply of Novolog (3 vials) and $75 for a three month supply of Levemir (5 vials).
    The current plan I have is not as good as the one I had some years ago with a different employer, but still a "bargain" in light of the fact that without the prescription benefit my costs would be through the roof.
    Novolin N and Humilin N are indeed the same product, different manufacturer. Depending upon what state you live in, they also may be available without a prescription.

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