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The Incredible Colour Changing Tattoos That Monitor The Blood Sugar Levels Of People With Diabetes In Real-time

Researchers have developed a biosensing tattoo ink that reacts to sugar in the blood to help diabetics control their conditions. The colour-changing ink turns the body's surface into an 'interactive display' to alert diabetics when their blood sugar is too low or high. When blood sugar goes up, the glucose sensing ink changes from blue to brown in real-time, a colour change that reverses when blood sugar drops. Scroll down for video ‹ Slide me › The ink senses changes to the body's interstitial fluid - the liquid that surrounds tissue cells in the body. If blood sugar is low, it changes from brown to blue, and if high, it changes from blue to brown. The tattoos could one day act as a non-invasive method for diabetics to control their condition. The ink acts as a biosensor that reads interstitial fluids - the liquids that surround tissue cells in the body. Other biosensing tattoo inks developed by the team, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, monitor the body's salt and pH levels. The salt sensing inks, which track the mineral by measuring sodium levels, fluoresce under UV light, shifting to an intense green when high salt levels are detected. The pH sensing inks res Continue reading >>

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    Latest A1c of about a week ago came out to 5.2 (94 mg/dL). Would this be something to worry about due to lows and all?

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    I would rather have this a1c instead of a high!

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    do you get low a lot?

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