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Let's Outsmart Diabetes

That's exactly what Prevention is going to help you do. We are dedicating 2013 to raising diabetes awareness across the country and providing cutting-edge news and information about what diabetes is, important risk factors, how to prevent the disease, how to talk to your doctor, and natural ways to reverse the illness or at least reduce your need for medication. Each month, look for the Let's Outsmart Diabetes logo, and you'll learn about one habit you can tweak to reduce your risks. We believe that type 2 diabetes deserves this kind of campaign because, along with the unprecedented numbers at risk, the disease is working its way through a new demographic. "It used to be a disease of old age," says Geralyn Spollett, the American Diabetes Association's president of health care and education. "Now the fastest-growing age group for new cases is 45 to 55." It's also deadly. On average, diabetes can rob you of six years of life, estimates a 2011 international multicenter study of more than 800,000 people, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. We're committed to making 2013 the year we start to defeat diabetes because we know it can be done. The power is in your hands. "More Continue reading >>

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  1. books24

    I've done the same thing a few times. I just take the next dose at my normal time and everything is fine. I've never felt sick from forgetting either. Best of luck!

  2. g33kch1c

    It's not going to hurt the baby. Just take the next dose at your normal time.

  3. iamequipoised

    I was told, erroneously, to stop taking it first trimester. Needless to say when I found out how beneficial it can be a couple of weeks later I was not happy. But I got back on it and now have av 8 month old perfect baby girl. I'm not medically trained at all, but it seems to be that the insulin issue would be w much bigger problem with chronic missed doses than just one. Hugs to you. I didn't really stop being terrified until around 15 weeks. But I did stop. You will get there!

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