Best Bedtime Snack For Diabetics

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Eating With Diabetes: Smart Snacking

Whether you want to lose weight or simply eat healthier, enjoying a couple of snacks each day is a smart habit for many people. Eating a planned snack between meals can help curb your hunger (and therefore prevent overeating at mealtime) and also increase your energy levels when you need a boost. Snacks offer an additional benefit for people with type 2 diabetes: They can help optimize your blood glucose control. So if you haven't incorporated snacks into your diabetes meal plan yet, now may be the time to start. Here's what you need to know to snack smart, along with some carbohydrate-controlled snack ideas you can try today! Our Best Articles, Delivered Get expert advice on Diabetes from our coaches and trainers The number of snacks a person with diabetes should eat during the day depends largely on your eating preferences, your weight-management goals, and the timing of your major meals. People with diabetes can eat snacks throughout the day for a number of reasonssimply enjoying a mid-morning snack or planning them into their day for better blood glucose control. Exactly how many snacks you should eatand when you eat themis very individualized. Meeting with a registered dietit Continue reading >>

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  1. janet327

    What kind of snack are you suppose to eat before bedtime? I also read somewhere that not everyone needs a snack before bedtime but how do you know if you do or not?

  2. cazimere

    I always have two tablespoons of peanut butter and a piece of hard candy (root beer barrels) before bed. Try some peanut butter or some other snack and see what your meter says in the morning.

  3. susanm9006

    I am not on insulin, so I rarely have a bedtime snack. I don't need the calories and usually my blood sugar is stable enough so that it is unlikely I will go low during the night. Others have found they have a better morning number if they snack before bedtime. So you need to figure out what works best for you. If you are trying to lose weight, I would try to do without one unless you usually go low during the night without it.

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