Best Alcohol For Diabetics

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Alcohol And Your Diabetes At Christmas

Easter time is a time for meeting with friends and family and inevitably involves food and drinks. It has been a good 15 weeks since the Christmas break with a little celebration at Patrick’s weekend in between. For many, Easter is the end of lent and a return to more fun and less rules / “sacrifices”. Enjoy the Easter. Here is a quick refresher on healthy guidelines around alcohol What is a standard Drink? Alcohol should only be taken in moderation World Health Organisation define a binge as six or more standard drinks in one short session. Low-risk guidelines are- 11 standard drinks per week for women (1.5 bottles of wine approx) 17 standard drinks per week for men (8.5 pints of beer or 17 shots) binge drinking is warned against – a binge is three or more pints of beer or six or more pub measures of spirits in one sitting Aim to have 3-4 alcohol free days per week Visit www.drinkaware.ie to calculate your intake. Images courtesy of DrinkAware. Alcohol Guidelines for people with Diabetes The general advice on alcohol consumption for a person with diabetes is the same as that for everyone. However, there are some precautions a person with diabetes should take, if your diabe Continue reading >>

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  1. Donna1

    What is the best alcoholic drinks to have when type 1! I drink beer, miller coors light n would normally go on to morgans lemonade after a few but as nowhere sells diet lemonade n diet coke with morgans i cant drink! Since diagnosis i drink bottled beer on nites out but sick of it after a few now! What can i drink?
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  2. this is too difficult

    I think all beers are out. Red wine seems to be a favourite but I'm no expert. I have the odd whisky but I think it all catches up with you the next day. If you are T1 you will be on medication so might be different for you.

  3. diabeticdancer

    Vodka and sparkling water is my choice of drink. Low cal and no carbs
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