Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes Type 2

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Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

If you are suffering from Diabetes and looking for a more natural, low cost way to reduce the symptoms and complications of diabetes, ayurvedic medicine is something to consider. Ayurvedic medicine was developed over 4000 years ago as an Indian holistic treatment. This unique and natural type of healthcare strives to establish and maintain internal balance of the body instead of just focusing on singular symptoms. By bringing balance to the whole body, ayurvedic medicine fine-tunes your regimen, coaching you to make better choices for you and your diabetes. Many studies have found a positive link between ayurvedic medicine and the reduction of diabetic symptoms. For those looking to expand their options, Ayurvedic medicine may provide a more natural way to treat diabetes. The effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine depends on the type of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes may be reversible with diet, exercise and adding medicinal ayurvedic herbs. Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) adding ayurvedic herbs cannot cure but can help with managing the condition. How Ayurvedic Medicine Work Ayurvedic medicine takes a multi-pronged approach to treating the symptoms of diabetes. The first step, accordi Continue reading >>

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  1. kandaswamy

    is it correct medicine & useful for diabetes please advice me I am confused to go for an Ayurvedic or Allopathy medicines

  2. Scpathak

    Please please please please please ,go immediately to an allopathy doctor and take proper prescription with strict follow of instructions given by him .you may take Ayurvedic medicines as supportive medicine to control your diabetes including some home remedies too.anyway try to manage your BS with proper medication and exercises .

  3. sandeep1956

    I have sugar for last > 5 years. I have not used allopathy single day. I am using ayurvedic preparation from my doctor and my sugar is well controlled

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