Are You Born With Type 2 Diabetes

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Question: From Thomasville, North Carolina, USA: I do not have diabetes but my boyfriend does. Other people in my family and in his have diabetes. He has type 1 diabetes, diagnosed when he was 12. He is 18 and will turn 19 in October 2011. My question is, because he's type 1 diabetic and I am not, when we have children, will our children have diabetes when they are born? Are there tests that doctors can do to test unborn babies for diabetes? Also, are there medications that doctors can administer during pregnancy to prevent the baby from getting diabetes? When my boyfriend's mother was pregnant, her doctors were treating her with some kind of medication to keep the baby from getting diabetes and she lost the baby. We don't feel comfortable asking her about the drugs they were giving her or why she thought she lost the baby. Answer: It is extremely rare for a baby to have diabetes "when they are born." While this can occur, it is not at all common. Might a child the two of you have develop diabetes mellitus later in life? Yes, they might. Type 2 diabetes is the more common type of diabetes that is more often associated with lifestyles of poor eating habits, inactivity, and obesity. Continue reading >>

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  1. Essie

    Took Humalog instead of Lantus!

    You probably think I am so stupid and careless but tonight when I gave myself my once a day basal shot I accidentally/absentmindedly injected Humalog instead of Lantus.
    I take 68 units of Lantus. It changes depending on the meal but I usually take 15-20 units of Humalog at meals. So injecting 68 is so much!
    It has been almost four hours since I did it. I have eaten a ton of stuff out of fear and panic. I am still afraid to go to bed. How long until it is completely out of my system? And since I skipped the Lantus how will that impact tomorrow?

  2. bolgios

    Lantus will make your BG rise tomorrow when it is not taken. You were good to eat a lot. I have gotten little squezzable packs of frosting for bad reactions, they have about 105 gm of CHO. 2-3 of those prolly would have stopped a major reaction, but they cost $4 apiece.
    With regular, it usually took me 8-12 hours to get over an over injection, I would worry for that long and no more.
    I had to sto ptaking Lantus, I kept reducing my amount down to 19 units, but I got bruises, gained weight, could not lift anymore, and started getting weird colds/lung problems. Humalog did the same to my stomach and gastro, so I went back to Regular and Ultralente, then when they were sued because it had a thgryoid agonist in it, and I have an overactive one anyway, I went to Humulin NPH and regular. I knew how it worked, less problems, did not react so strangely like I did with the newer insulins. Plus, I coudl order it from Canada for 25$ bottle, delivered!
    Every diabetic makes this mistake, and forgetting to take your shots too!

  3. Jaye J.

    How scary. That is something I would call my doctor for to get advice. As much as taking insulin (Humalog at meals and Lantus at night) for years, I would still think I forgot or even forget to get an injection. It's one of those things you do so often that you can recall doing it. The problem is that those memories all blend together and you might be recalling yesterday.
    I hope you're okay.

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