Are Red Grapes Good For A Diabetic?

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Are Grapes And/or Grape Juice Bad For People With Type 2 Diabetes?

A: No, grapes and grape juice are not “bad” for people with diabetes. Grapes are actually rich in phytonutrients, nutrients that are thought to play a role in disease prevention, cognitive function and immunity. However, it’s important to keep in mind that all fruit and fruit juices contain carbohydrate. People with diabetes need to control their carbohydrate intake. A “serving” of grapes is about 17; a serving of grape juice is 1/3 of a cup. Depending on your carbohydrate goals for your meals and snacks, you should be able to fit grapes and/or grape juice into your eating plan, but you’ll need to keep an eye on your portion. Also, it’s generally recommended that one eat whole fruit instead of drinking juice. Drinking juice is less satisfying than eating fruit, and some people find that it raises blood glucose levels rather quickly. Continue reading >>

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  1. teepee2

    Hi ladies, hope you dont mind me joining in
    I found out a week and a half ago that I have GD. I'll be 31 weeks on Monday. My 2hr GTT came in at 8.6 which they said wasnt overly high but still needs monitoring so I was sent to the local Diabetes Centre. Im now checking glucose 4 times a day. I cant get in to see a dietician until 2nd March and the Endocrinologist till 10th March. At the clinic they gave me an exchange sheet and basically told me what to avoid but im finding it a little confusing as I never had GD with my previous 2 preg.
    My levels seem to be all over the place . After food they range from in the 5's (on a few occassions) to mainly in the 6's and 7's. They've said that you should stay under 7 but im finding that a little difficult. Some days I eat the same things but get totally different readings. My highest so far has been one after dinner at 11.5 then another at 8.8.
    Should I be alarmed by these readings?? What sort of glucose levels do you need to reach before they put you on insulin? Although its recommended to be under 7 is it still acceptable to be getting levels between 7 and 8?
    Sorry for all the questions but im completely confused by all of this

  2. kristi14

    Kristy- Yes, its good to have a "buddy" in my buddy group to talk to about all this. Im finding it so hard to decide what to eat, it all depends on how many carbs im allowed per meal and at the moment i dont know the carbs im allowed. Im trying to do 1 to 2 carbs max till i find out. I know what u mean about throwing tanties over what to eat lol, about 1/2 an hour ago i was going to eat some cocoa pops cos i thought bugger it, i didnt though. Im trying to show some restraint on the excessive eating i have been doing for awhile now and taking off with packets of lollies to myself lol.
    teepee- I just joined this group yesterday after finding out on wednesday i have GD. I havent been for my big session yet, so i have no idea what im doing yet. Hopefully, the others here can help u out with ur questions.

  3. WeeMansMummy

    Welcome teepee!
    I think the most important level is the fasting level, when you first get up before brekky. What have those levels been like?
    With the 11.5 and 8.8, what did you eat? If you want to stay off insulin eat as plain as possible. But sometimes the insulin is just unavoidable, you could eat a perfect diabetic diet and still need it. Im surprised by how long you have to wait! especially with high levels.

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