Are Oranges Safe For Diabetics?

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Oranges.....good Or Bad ?

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community Hi, I have taken to eating oranges again, after not eating them for years, after I had gout and doctor advised giving them a miss......are oranges good or bad for someone with type 2, controlled with metformin ?.........Del. Oranges are tropical fruits which are very high in sugar, the only way to see if you are tolerating them is to test your bs before and after eating one which is what I myself am about to do. I can't resist them & they are at their best just now. Beware: oranges bananas, pineapple, grapes magoes, peaches necterines plums etc I don't currentley test myself........what is the best way to do that ? I don't currentley test myself........what is the best way to do that ? Well, first you will need a meter. The most popular one that people here use seems to be the SD Codefree which is available from Home Health online, delivery is free and arrives within a few days. For around 12.99 you get a meter, about five test strips and lancets, (so best to also order strips 6.99 and lancets 5 lancets last ages as you can multiuse. ) all three items come in a z Continue reading >>

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  1. lthaus

    Good Fruit / Bad Fruit.

    What are your observations...
    I think I have no problem eating Green Granny Smith Apples.
    I'm not so sure about oranges at this time. I had some mandern
    oranges on my salad for lunch today.. I'll see in an hour or so.

  2. Lois

    I have never had a problem with the granny smith apples. Oranges are another thing. Eating an orange will throw my numbers to high. Because of that, I don't eat them or drink orange juice. There are plenty of fruits I love and apples are among them.
    How did it go with the mandarine oranges?

  3. cheryl

    I love granny smith apples too, I have had no problems with them, most fruit does not bother me and I do stay away from oranges for the most part, I will eat an orange if I am having a under 100 bg day. But I will not drink oj either makes me too high

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