Are Apples And Oranges Good For Diabetics

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Fruit For Diabetes – Is It Actually Safe To Eat?

If you are living with diabetes, you've probably been told to minimize or eliminate your intake of fruit because "fruit is high in sugar." And if this is the case, maybe you refrain from eating fruits because it causes your blood glucose to spike. Attracted by the smell, color and taste, you may find yourself asking a simple question: "Should I avoid fruit in the long-term? And if so, will I ever be able to eat fruit again?” It turns out that this ant-fruit message is a perfect example of pseudoscience at its best. A recent study published in PLOS medicine tracked the health of 512,891 Chinese men and women between the ages of 30 and 79 for an average of 7 years, in order to understand the effect that their diet had on their overall health (1). We like these types of studies because they are: For those who did not have diabetes at the beginning of the study, those who had a higher fruit consumption were 12% less likely to develop diabetes, compared with those who ate zero pieces of fruit per day. The researchers found a dose-response relationship, which means that the more frequently these nondiabetic individuals ate fruit, the lower the risk for developing diabetes. Amongst thos Continue reading >>

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  1. nana3times

    what fruits do you find to raise your blood sugar

    I love fruits and need to know which fruits are not good for you. Any input will help. I love fruits and fresh veggies so much I could live off of them. Also I need more protein in my diet what is the best source…whatg about the protein drinks and bars?

  2. Sly Kitty

    I find a small apple is perfect, but pineapples are very high in sugar. Watermelon and cantalopes are good, but bananas are not because they are a fruit with less water content. A small apple has the right amount of carbs for a snack eat the whole apple because the skin is good for you as well supplying you with added fiber. Berries are excellent, but portion is key. I eat a handful and that is it. For protein you could have a tablespoon of peanut butter spread on slices of apples as that is what I often have as a snack.

  3. jeffrey9127

    Bananas raise my BS levels. Apples and oranges seem to be fruits that do not cause me a problem.

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