Alcoholic Drinks For Diabetics List

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Best And Worst Drinks For Type 2 Diabetes

1 / 8 Best and Worst Drinks for Type 2 Diabetes If you have type 2 diabetes, you know it's important to watch what you eat — and the types of drinks you consume. Drinks that are high in carbohydrates and calories can affect both your weight and your blood sugar. "Generally speaking, you want your calories and carbs to come from whole foods, not from drinks," says Nessie Ferguson, RD, CDE, a nutritionist at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. The best drinks have either zero or very few calories, and deciding on a beverage isn't really difficult. "When it comes right down to it, good beverage choices for type 2 diabetes are good choices for everyone," she says. Some good drinks for type 2 diabetes include: Water Fat-free or low-fat milk Black coffee Unsweetened tea (hot or iced) Flavored water (zero calories) or seltzer But sugary soda is one of the worst types of drinks for type 2 diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic. The problems with soda include: Empty calories. Soft drinks are very high in sugar, have zero nutritional value, and are often used in place of healthy drinks such as milk. Cavities. The high sugar combined with the acid in soda dissolves tooth enamel, which inc Continue reading >>

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  1. gettingexcited

    All tropical drinks tend to be sweet with lots of sugar. Does anyone know of any alcoholic drinks I can have during my vacation without too much sugar? Or am I stuck with beer for 2 weeks.

  2. B0bK

    Cubra libre (rum and coke) with coke light (diet). You can also get (or bring) packets of sugar free lime ade and it tastes great with Vodka. I will admit this is a tough one.

  3. Mainiac

    crystal light packets might work as mixers; also if you're a light packer, you could bring some diet soda with you or stop at a store and get some enroute to your hotel.

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