Ada 2017 Diabetes Guidelines

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Highlights Of Ada 2017 Diabetes Recommendations

Reviewed by Clifton Jackness, MD, Assistant Professor, Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, New York, NY The American Diabetes Association has released its new guidelines on managing patients with diabetes, entitled Standards Of Medical Care In Diabetes—2017. The revised standards put more emphasis on the psychosocial aspects of the disease, provide new information on viable medication regimens, and highlight the value of screening for prediabetes. Here is a summary of several of the changes. The new guidelines, located here, have been updated to “to address psychosocial issues in all aspects of care including self-management, mental health, communication, complications, comorbidities, and life-stage considerations.”1 For example, they now include a table with information on situations in which patients may need a referral to a mental health provider. Similarly, the section on children and adolescents emphasizes the need to assess and refer youths with psychosocial issues; they also recommend preconception counseling at puberty for all girls of childbearing potential. Despite the new emphasis of psychosocial issues, some of the experts consulted by MedPage Today felt the Ass Continue reading >>

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