Abnormal Lipid Metabolism In Diabetes

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Shaw TV's Jen Muranetz gets a sneak peek at Victoria General Hospital's new Pediatric Isolation Room. The room will go a long way in helping children battling cancer.

Lipid Metabolism In The Etiology Of Type 2 Diabetes Esser, Victoria University Of Texas Sw Medical Center Dallas, Dallas, Tx, United States

Lipid Metabolism in the Etiology of Type 2 Diabetes (Scanned from the applicant's description) Type 2 diabetes mellitus has major clinical and social impact, but its underlying pathophysiology is poorly understood. Since the disease is diagnosed as a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, i.e., hyperglycemia, the possible contribution of abnormal lipid metabolism to its etiology has been largely overlooked. The predominant, obesity-related form of diabetes is characterized by hyperinsulinemia, resistance to insulin-mediated glucose disposal in skeletal muscle, and elevated plasma free fatty acid and triglyceride levels. It has been suggested that a derangement of lipid metabolism is an early event contributing to the development of both hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. Our laboratory has demonstrated the essential role that plasma fatty acids play in sustaining normal glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in fasted subjects, and has also utilized novel 1-H NMR spectroscopic techniques to illustrate the strong correlation between intramyocellular lipid (IMCL) content and skeletal muscle insulin resistance. In the current proposal, we seek to expand on this theme by investigati Continue reading >>

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    Humulin and Novolin are brand names-2 different makers of insulin. You have probably seen Humulin R and Humalog-2 different insulins-Humalog works faster than Humulin R. Both are clear in color.
    From the other company is Novolin R and Novolog (plus other products). Again, 2 different insulins. Novolog works faster than Novolin R. Both are clear in color.
    These are not all the insulins available. Look at web site links below for more info:
    Stephanie RN Certified Diabetes Educator

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Obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases have known underlying genetic causes; however, environmental factors also play an important role in the onset and development of metabolic dysfunction. In this episode, Mitchell Lazar and Raymond Soccio discuss their study, which compared high fat-diet-induced effects on gene expression and the epigenome in mice genetically prone to diet-induced obesity and in animals that are resistant to diet-induced metabolic disease. They find that the thermogenic gene Ucp1 is repressed in the obesity-prone mice, but that either cold-exposure or treatment with the insulin-sensitizing drug rosiglitazone restores Ucp1 expression to levels similar to that in obesity-resistant strains. The results of this study demonstrate that genetic defects in metabolism can be rescued by environmentally-driven epigenomic modifications.

Abnormal Lipid Metabolism In Metabolic Syndrome: An Epigenetic Perspective

Keywords: metabolic syndrome ; epigenetics ; dyslipidemia 1. Kraja AT, Vaidya D, Pankow JS, Goodarzi MO, Assimes TL, Kullo IJ, et al. A bivariate genome-wide approach to metabolic syndrome: STAMPEED consortium. Diabetes. 2011;60:1329-39. DOI: 10.2337/db10-1011. 2. Bruce KD, Hanson MA. The developmental origins, mechanisms, and implications of metabolic syndrome. J Nutr. 2010;140(3):648-52. DOI: 10.3945/ jn.109.111179. 3. Laker RC, Wlodek ME, Connelly JJ, Yan Z. Epigenetic origins of metabolic disease: The impact of the maternal condition to the offspring epigenome and later health consequences. Food Science and Human Wellness. 2013;2(1):1-11. DOI: 10.1016/j.fshw.2013.03.002. 4. Ginsberg HN, Stalenhoef AFH. The metabolic syndrome: targeting dyslipidaemia to reduce coronary risk. J Cardiovasc Risk. 2003; 10(2):121-8. DOI: 10.1177/174182670301000207 DOI: 10.1097/00043798-200304000-00007. 5. Brudac I, Cucuianu M. Pathogenic role of abnormal fatty acids and adipokines in the portal flow. Relevance for the metabolic syndrome, hepatic steatosis and steatohepatitis. Rom J Int Med. 2007;45:149-57. 6. Frazier-Wood AC, Aslibekyan S, Absher DM, Hopkins PH, Sha J, Tsai MY, et al. Methylation a Continue reading >>

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    Free Online Certificate course of Diabetes

    Dear Friends,
    I'm not sure if this type of education has been discussed before in the community…came across the following 5-week online course (which also includes possible certification) from University of California San Francisco on "Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Opportunities". It could be useful for someone who wants to know a little more to manage diabetes. Also tons of other wide ranging topics.
    Looks like the date of starting this particular course has not yet announced, but I shall be looking forward to taking up this course when it is made available.

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    Hi welcome and thank for being part of Diabatic connect. I. m going to follow this course for the next 5 weeks in order to be awarded the certificate from University of California

  3. Takecareb1

    Hi welcome and thank for being part of Diabatic connect. I. m going to follow this course for the next 5 weeks in order to be awarded the certificate from University of California

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Association Of Insulin Resistance With Glucose And Lipid Metabolism: Ethnic Heterogeneity In Far Western China

Association of Insulin Resistance with Glucose and Lipid Metabolism: Ethnic Heterogeneity in Far Western China Yi-Zhong Yan ,1 Ru-Lin Ma ,1 Jing-Yu Zhang ,1 Jia He ,1 Jiao-Long Ma ,1 Hong-Rui Pang ,1 La-Ti Mu ,1 Yu-Song Ding ,1,2 Heng Guo ,1 Mei Zhang ,1 Jia-Ming Liu ,1 Dong-Sheng Rui ,1 Kui Wang ,1and Shu-Xia Guo 1,2 1Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Shihezi, Shihezi 832000, China 2Department of Pathology and Key Laboratory of Xinjiang Endemic and Ethnic Diseases (Ministry of Education), Shihezi University School of Medicine, Shihezi 832000, China Received 18 August 2016; Revised 11 October 2016; Accepted 3 November 2016 Copyright 2016 Yi-Zhong Yan et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Objective. To study the relationships between IR and glucose and lipid metabolism in far western China and these relationships ethnic heterogeneity. Methods. From the baseline survey, 419 Uygur cases, 331 Kazak cases, and 220 Han cases were randomly selected, resulting in a total of 970 cases for stud Continue reading >>

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    What is inside metformin that makes it smell bad and that makes it taste like metal?

    My friend and I have been trying to find out what makes these symptoms for a project. We just need to know what is inside it and/or what side effect is that makes these symptoms happen. Thanks in advance

  2. CH chuck1957

    medicalmen; most say it smells more like fish, as far as the ingredents they claim it is a chemical reaction of the meds in it, And if you want to avoid the smell it is said to get the timed release from your doctor which has less of a smell. But to date they really don't know what it is from. Chuck1957 here is a write up about it this is a copy and paste about your question. GOOD LUCK Chuck
    Can't You Smell That Smell?

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