7 Day Diabetic Meal Plan

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7-day Diabetic Meal Plan

According to the American Diabetes Association, 23.6 million people in the United States have diabetes. Monitoring blood sugar levels is extremely important because blood sugar levels that are too high can result in hyperglycemia. Below you will find tips and some ideas for foods that you can use when creating your seven-day diabetic meal plan. According to the American Diabetes Association, the glycemic index (GI) measures how foods affect blood glucose levels. Foods containing carbohydrates are given a rating from 1 to 100 with glucose being 100. When planning your seven-day diabetic meal plan, you should pick foods that have a low GI rating. Try to stay with foods that have a GI rating of under 40 and avoid foods that have a GI rating of over 50. Vegetables have extremely low GI ratings, which can help to control blood glucose levels. For example, tomatoes have a GI rating of 15, broccoli 10, lettuce 10 and carrots 16. When creating a seven-day diabetic meal plan, try to incorporate lots of salads into your diet. Vegetables do not only have a low GI rating, but they also have extremely high levels of fiber. Foods that are high in fiber are also filling, which reduces feelings o Continue reading >>

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  1. Anonymous

    Constant urination at night

    Hi guys I've been having constant urination at night and yellow in color. I am 43yrs old. I see myself gaining weight lately also. What do I need to do loss the weight and also what kinda food do I need to eat to control these diabetes symptoms without taking meds or insulin?

  2. Luis65

    Washed Out has some good stuff related to diabetes. I have another question for you, what is your gender?
    If male at your age you may also be experiencing an enlarged prostate. I did and had the same problem of getting up several times a night to urinate. This lead to loss of sleep and may have increased my BG. I was lucky. Not all enlarged prostates are caused by cancer by mine was. It was removed some years ago and I have consistent 0.0 PSA tests.
    Just a thought. If you are a woman there are other causes besides diabetes for nocturnal urination, but I have no experience.


    Here is an idea for you.
    You didn't tell us what your blood sugars was while having the constant urination, and you probably were drinking a lot of water as well. It sounds like you were going into hyperglycemia .
    The signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia include:
    blood glucose level greater than 180 mg/dL.
    blurry vision.
    difficulty concentrating.
    frequent urination.
    high blood glucose.
    high levels of sugar in the urine.
    increased fatigue.
    Moderate to severe high blood sugar
    If your blood sugar levels are consistently high (usually above 350 mg/dL in adults and above 240 mg/dL in children), you may have moderate to severe symptoms of high blood sugar. These symptoms include:
    Blurred vision.
    Extreme thirst.
    Flushed, hot, dry skin.
    Restlessness, drowsiness, or difficulty waking up.
    If your body produces little or no insulin (people with type 1 diabetes and some people with type 2 diabetes), you also may have:
    Rapid, deep breathing.
    A fast heart rate and a weak pulse.
    A strong, fruity breath odor.
    Loss of appetite, belly pain, and/or vomiting.
    If your blood sugar levels continue to rise, you may become confused and lethargic. You also may become unconscious if your blood sugar levels are very high.

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