Conversion Of Blood Sugar Level Mmol/l To Mg/dl

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  1. Terrie

    *Blood Glucose Conversion Chart*

    Blood Glucose Conversion
    U.S. value = UK / Canadian value times 18 (mmol/L x 18 = mg/dl).
    U.K./Canadian value = U.S. value divided by 18 (mg/dl / 18 = mmol/L).
    In a person without diabetes, blood sugar is normally between
    80 and 110 mg/dl.
    Blood Glucose Conversion Chart (mg/dL-mmol/L)
    mg/- mmol/-mg/--mmol/-mg/---mmol/--mg/--mmol/

  2. Xenon

    Very useful, thanks. Being in Canada, we use mmol/L. I once told a friend in the US, a fellow diabetic, that I finally got my glucose level under 10; he asked how I could possibly still be alive when he was trying to keep it around 100. (That was when I learned they measure differently in the USA.)

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