Controlling Diabetes With Diet And Exercise Alone

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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms, Control And Management

Dr Jeremy Sims MB BS MSc MRCGP FRIPH FRSH PGDipHI DipN&H MRNT What Is It? Previously known as non-insulin dependent diabetes or maturity onset diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is essentially a disorder of middle age onwards. However, with the increase in childhood obesity in recent years there have been increasing reports of this form of diabetes in much younger age groups. Therein lies a clue to the origin of this disorder. Because Type 2 diabetes is closely linked to obesity. As the rates of obesity have soared over the last twenty years or so, so in tandem has the incidence of Type 2 diabetes. The underlying factor leading to Type 2 diabetes is a failure of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin – the blood glucose controlling hormone. This may be for one or both of two reasons. The first that there are insufficient insulin-producing cells in the pancreas to meet demands. The second that there is resistance by the body’s target cells to the insulin which is produced, thus requiring increasing amounts to ensure effect. Either way the ultimate poverty of effect of insulin is related to over weight or obesity. What happens if insulin does not work effectively? One of the main acti Continue reading >>

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  1. Fernsk

    Having lurked my way through some topics this evening before and after joining, I thought that I would introduce myself and pose my question. I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes in August 2015 after spending 4 months in a wonderful free course called Building Resistance to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. I had been told that I was prediabetic prior to starting the course unfortunately my A1C result of 8.8 meant that I was no longer considered pre! I continued the course along with continuing the exercise group 3 times a week after the course was finished and was able to bring my A1C down to 7.6 then 7 followed by 6.4 using diet and exercise only. My fasting blood sugars have never been great...rarely below 8... the diabetes nurse and educator say I have a leaky liver! Recent tests have shown a reversal with an A1C of 8.2 and current blood sugars as high as 24 and fasting as high as 18 but normally around 10. My exercise has fallen off after I suffered 2 falls between October and January but I'm starting to build regular walks and swimming along with a return to the group fitness back into my routine. I am taking early retirement at the end of the month and plan to mae my job for the next year becoming fit and healthy. I really want to avoid medication...maybe I'm being foolish but... can moderate exercise and a primarily lower carb diet control diabetes?

  2. Judith_in_Portland

    Yes. I have been maintaining numbers in the normal range with diet and exercise only for just over a decade now.....Low carb does the trick in combination with even moderate exercise, preferably a little after every meal---or a lot once/day! I exercise about 60-75 minutes/day everyday. And, though it was very vigorous a decade ago, it is restricted now due to health issues. But my numbers remain okay because my way of eating has never changed....Bedtime for me. I'll check in tomorrow sometime....Blessings...Judith in Portland....

    PS---something nobody ever mentions---if you are eating low-carb---vacuuming is exercise. Up and down the stairs to do laundry is exercise---etcetcetc!

  3. twinchick

    I applaud your goals. Welcome to the group. I hope you change your mindset that drugs are bad. Type 2diabetes is a progressive disease. Eventually you may need medication. No one is a failure. Exercise is a great way to control your numbers along with low carb eating. Nancy

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