Can Diabetes Cause Leg Cramps

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Are Leg Cramps Caused By Diabetes?

Leg cramps/muscle cramps/charley horses are a frequent manifestation of diabetes mellitus (DM). The subject of debate: are these leg cramps caused by DM or not? Straight from the horse’s mouth: Yes, they can be! (1), ( 2) There could be many reasons of leg cramps due to diabetes. Some of the most common being Dehydration and electrolyte (mineral) imbalance secondary to high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) prompting excessive urination (polyuria) and the subsequent passage of glucose (glycosuria) and electrolytes in urine (scroll down) Peripheral neuropathy Hypoglycemia secondary to insulin and oral anti-diabetic medications So, how do you define leg cramps? Leg cramps are instantaneous, involuntary (automatic, not under your control), and sustained painful contractions of one or more groups of muscles. These are usually felt in the calves and can extend up to the feet. Diabetics usually describe pain being worse at night (nocturnal leg cramps). Mechanisms and Cellular Events Underlying Leg Cramps in Diabetes A) Leg Cramps Secondary to Polyuria and Consequent Electrolyte Disturbances Dehydration secondary to polyuria causes leg cramps via inducing electrolyte disturbances, mo Continue reading >>

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  1. DeeF

    I have really bad leg~foot cramps that wake me up frequently. I usually have to soak them in hot water for any relief. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Madman

    I was having horrible leg/foot cramps for several months prior to diagnosis.

  3. ckdsite

    do you have examinations such as blood suger, glycosylated hemoglobin?

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