Why Do You Get Different Blood Sugar Readings On Different Fingers

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Why Is My Finger Stick Often Different That The Laboratory Glucose Test?

Most of my old blogs were lost during the hacking attack and other website changes. I plan to update and repeat some of the previous blogs . We all use home glucose test to manage our diabetes . Home glucose testing has been one of the major improvements in the day to day management of diabetes. It is not perfect but it is still a fantastic improvement when I think about the old urine glucose test that we previously used to make treatment decisions. We assume that our home glucose test are accurate and we feel comfortable making management decisions based on those results. I believe that our home glucose test meet the requirements needed for very good glucose management. However, have you ever wondered why you finger stick capillary test is often different than the venous glucose test done in a laboratory. Lets take a little closer look at the glucose test processes. The meter you are using is require to have an error rate of < 20% at glucose levels of 30 to 400mg/dl. so our result could be somewhere between 65 and 95 mg/dl assuming an error rate of 19%. From my own personal experience in the hospital, where I frequently compared finger stick results with hospital lab. results, I b Continue reading >>

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  1. JiMMy DCC

    Different Glucose readings from each hand or finger.

    I've noticed this over the last year mainly. But whenever I check my blood glucose levels my right hand can be 10-20 higher than my left.
    And I've even noticed that on checking between fingers on the same hand I can have a 10 value difference.
    It doesn't matter if I've washed my hands or used alcohol swabs. It's always this way. And I've found my left hand is more accurate to how I feel.
    Has anyone noticed this. Is there reasons behind it. And should I just average between the two. Problem is Incan check more often some days because of the large difference.

  2. annastype2

    I noticed this, too. This morning I got a reading difference of 10 in 2 different fingers. I of course recorded the lowest number, 108. I don't think it's true about inaccurate results in pinky as it still has all the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) necessary for a finger stick. Moreover, the skin is usually thinner on a pinky as well as on a non-dominating hand (left in my case)

  3. srs1960

    Eat a hand full of nuts should help and or a small piece of cheese . You defiantly don't want to pass out.

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