Which Sugar Is Best For Diabetics?

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Exactly What I Ate To Get My Blood Sugar Under Control For Good

When Thomas Rupp was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he was stunned. Despite having a challenging career (he was working in corporate finance and for FEMA), he managed to exercise regularly, and he rarely ate fast food or sweets. Sure, he weighed 245 pounds, but at 6 feet tall that didn't seem so terrible. He didn't consider that his weight pushed his BMI into the obese category—and he didn't realize that many of the "healthy" foods he was eating were actually loaded with tons of sugar and calories. Rupp's doctor started him on four different medications. The side effects were bothersome, but what really kicked him into gear was learning that he'd need to start injecting himself with insulin nightly. Instead, he turned to the Diabetes Reversal Program at Tufts Medical Center, where he met with the founding director, Michael Dansinger, MD. They worked together to closely examine Rupp's diet and uncover pitfalls that Rupp had trouble spotting on his own. (You can control your blood sugar with food and without insulin by making healthy lifestyle changes. Try the easy plan in The Natural Way To Beat Diabetes.) For instance, while adding some cream and sugar to a cup of coffee might n Continue reading >>

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  1. maxmuscle

    Were Pregnant!!..but what is a normal reading for blood sugar?

    Let me start from the beginning...
    My girlfriend is not diabetic, but has her whole life had an irregular cycle.(sometimes 2.5 months apart), she was told she could not get pregnant without fertility drugs. So she went to another Dr. and she told her that her insulin was high. Huh? (I dont understand that and i have been on insulin for 24 years) ,so she put her on glucophage which she said it would regulate her cycle. It did and after the 1st time, I got her pregnant. My questions are what is a normal bloodsuger range for a nondiabetic woman and what is it when she is pregnant. We have tested it and found it vary from 80 to 122 so far, do you think she will have to take insulin?
    please help
    jason & Laura

  2. cheryl

    I know being diabetic they want your fasting under 100 on and 2 hrs after meals under 120 I would assume they wanted all to be like that diabetic or not that is all I know

  3. notme

    Her insulin was high???? They put her on meds???? I am a bit lost with the whole concept. Her blood sugar sounds pretty normal. I think I would get a second opinion.

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