What Would Cause A Rise In Blood Sugar?

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20 Reasons For Blood Sugar Swings

Upswing: Caffeine Your blood sugar can rise after you have coffee -- even black coffee with no calories -- thanks to the caffeine. The same goes for black tea, green tea, and energy drinks. Each person with diabetes reacts to foods and drinks differently, so it's best to keep track of your own responses. Ironically, other compounds in coffee may help prevent type 2 diabetes in healthy people. Many of these will raise your blood sugar levels. Why? They can still have plenty of carbs from starches. Check the total carbohydrates on the Nutrition Facts label before you dig in. You should also pay attention to sugar alcohols such as sorbitol and xylitol. They add sweetness with fewer carbs than sugar (sucrose), but they may still have enough to boost your levels. One study found that people with type 2 diabetes who switched to a vegan (or all vegetable-based) diet had better blood sugar control and needed less insulin. A boost in fiber from whole grains and beans might play a role, by slowing down the digestion of carbs. But scientists need more research to know if going vegan really helps diabetes. Talk to your doctor before you make major diet changes. Blood sugar can dip dangerously Continue reading >>

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  1. realsis77

    does being in pain raise blood glucose numbers?

    I was wondering about if pain actually raises BG numbers? I had some spinal injections two days ago and in total I has ten. I have a failed spinal fusion. Well I've noticed after the shots my BG levels have been through the roof! I'm having to use my insulin 3xs a day as opposed to once a day (sliding scale). I've been in a tremendous amount of pain from the procedure I've had and wonder can pain make our BG levels rise? I would love to hear your opinions on this! Thank you family! Your all the best!

  2. Pappywills

    I have been in severe pain because of bone on bone knee, my BG has been way too high and I have not changed my diet. I am eating as I had been before and keeping my sugar levels in perfect shape. Since the pain has gotten severe my BG has stayed 250 - over 300. Totally not normal for me. So yes, pain can effect BG.

  3. mas14years

    I have a condition of chronic stomach pain and yes it makes my blood sugar very high at times. I hate taking pain medication but if i dont i can not get it down. What kind of shots did you have, if they used a steroid that will also raise your sugar.

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