What Should Blood Sugar Be After Exercise

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Why Is My Blood Sugar High After Exercise?

When you have the excess of glucose in your bloodstream that does not get absorbed by the insulin secreted by your body, the condition is known as diabetes. Diabetes can lead to severe consequences like degeneration of internal organs, but if treated at an early stage will cure quickly. Why it is that blood sugar level increases after you exercise? If your body triggers low amount of insulin, then the presence of other hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, glucagon will collectively trigger the liver to release the glucose into the blood and thereby increases the blood sugar. The hormones influence the breakdown of fat into smaller and simpler particles. The other thought process says that the hormones trigger the liver to release glucose into the bloodstream while exercising. The level of hormones in the bloodstream may result from glucose to enter the blood. For people who are not athletes, high-intensity exercise is not required for controlling blood glucose level. In fact, more easy and light exercise will work if preferred. The high-level activity might result in muscle injury and other fatal consequences. What tips should I follow while exercising, so that to k Continue reading >>

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  1. Awesome123

    My blood sugar which is usually in the low 100s spiked to 180 after walking on a treadmill for an hour. What makes blood sugar spike after exercise? Any ideas how to prevent it?

  2. hangry

    It is usually thought that one should check ones BG before Exercise to make sure it does not go to low. What happened to you is probably a liver dump. Besides getting a higher blood sugar right after we ate, our liver will convert fat to sugar when it thinks our body needs it. This is called 'liver dump," and plays a part in the Dawning blood sugar that we so often test when we get up. As we sleep at night, our liver will convert fat to sugar. A normal person will gobble up the sugar, and leave a "normal blood glucose' reading in the morning. A diabetic, as they can NOT correctly utilize the sugar, will find their BG is higher in the morning.
    Another person's story is instructive: When I had a stent a very nice lady came around every fifteen minutes to get my pulse, O2, BP. She told me about what happend to her one day on the job. She had taken her insulin and was working. She hit the floor. She said if she was any place else in the world, she would have died. She immediately had several high priced Cardiologists around her. I think she said her pulse was over 200 and her BG was over 400. She had a "Liver Dump" going on, and it was not slowing down. She had not eaten anything in a number of hours.
    It might be wise to eat something before you start exercising. This is to set the conditions so the Liver is less likely to over do the release of sugar. How much of what is a good question to ask your doc. Likewise I would keep one of those little hard candies in a wrap right next to me while exercising. Although not likely to be of much use if your pancreas has completely thrown in the towel. Many of us have very fatty livers, so this is an issue for many of us, exercising or just going about our day.
    Think of the bright side. In order to lose weight, you have to have the liver convert fat to sugar. Just as long as the BG does not get too high. There is a contradiction here. I used to do some exercise, not enough to really burn off any sugar. And my BG would go down. This is because exercise reduces my insulin resistance, and I start burning off sugar.
    There are some really huge benefits to exercising for a diabetic besides any of this discussion of immediate usage of BG, or Liver Dump. More muscle mass increases how much sugar your body will burn off every day. The other benefits depends on where you are in your diabetes, and may be different for different individuals. I have been told (by a Diabetes Educator) that a diabetic gets more benefit if one exercises in the evening. (?????)
    Bottom line: It might be wise to eat something before you start exercising. This is to set the conditions so the Liver is less likely to over do the release of sugar. How much of what is a good question to ask your doc.

  3. powerwalker2

    My blood sugar which is usually in the low 100s spiked to 180 after walking on a treadmill for an hour. What makes blood sugar spike after exercise? Any ideas how to prevent it?
    I've never walked more than 30 minutes at a time on the treadmill. Never had a problem with spiking afterwards. In fact, BG usually goes down. I like to spread my exercise out over several smaller segments during the day and evening. Have been doing it that way for 18 years -- the first 11 of which were with diet and exercise control only. So maybe one solution for you would be to divide your exercise into smaller, but more frequent workouts, and see what kind of results you get that way. Be sure to check pre-exercise as well as post-exercise to get a true picture. And also look at the next morning's fasting BG, where the longer-term effects of the previous day's doings usually show up.

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